Allow, let go….

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“If you desire healing,
let yourself fall ill
let yourself fall ill.”




We all know how difficult it is to allow others to see our vulnerability.

However, there is great power and opportunity in these spaces that often we miss, because we don’t want to feel out of control in life or in front of others.

But there is another space we can create which I call, ‘controlled vulnerability.’

Which is a safe place to share and feel our deep emotions and this can be done alone, or with a supportive, trusted person.

In these spaces of deep vulnerability and surrender, we can find our infinite courage and power.

In this space, we will discover strength to conquer our fears, and overcome our deep wounding.

But we cannot find this strength if we are afraid to let go, and if we don’t let anyone in, we will never receive what we need.


‘If we want to find deep healing,

We need to let go…….’

13 thoughts on “Allow, let go….

  1. So very true, Karen, and I am deeply, deeply grateful for those individuals in my life who provide safe harbor for me. Thank you for your wisdom, warmth and compassion…xoxo

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