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He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.     

Marcus Aurelius


I was listening to Elton John’s song ‘Harmony’ the other day, and it reminded me how much each of us, long for this in life.

The word harmony derives from the Greek word ἁρμονία harmonia, which means “joint, agreement, or to fit together’

Now think about the sound of a choir or an orchestra, and at the same time, imagine the diversity and individual abilities in each group!

It is truly astounding how harmony emerges.

And yet, its clear, when we learn to play our part in the world; and live in authentic harmony with ourselves, beautiful music is made and felt.

So if we are not in harmony with life or ourselves, it’s often because we are trying to change someone or something in the orchestra of life.

This is not our job. 

Our job is to practice being in harmony within ourselves. 

And yes, it takes lots of practice to refine our instruments and play beautifully.

However, over time, you will find, like Elton, ‘Harmony and me, we’re pretty good company.’



15 thoughts on “Harmony

  1. Hi Karen, I do not often hear the word harmony. “Balance” is often tossed around. I love your phrase “orchestra of life.” And your word “practice.” In music and in life. Thank you for sharing a thought-provoking and beautiful post.

  2. Harmony…a particularly elusive quality these days, I’m afraid. I struggle mightily to maintain harmony within and around myself, but the fractious nature of the world at the moment makes it awfully difficult. I find myself pulling in a lot these days and seeking solace in nature.

    On that note, I just watched a fabulous documentary on Netflix…’My Octopus Teacher.’ I highly recommend it…💕

    Thank you for reminding us of the beautiful harmony present in our world if we but commit to seeing it. Xox

    1. I loved that documentary too Lori. Finding our rhythm and harmony takes patience and discipline. I loved how that man went into the sea each day without fail, and in doing so, he healed and discovered so much about himself. Nature is where we will find our harmony again and again. 🌿🍁🌿💚

  3. If we are in harmony with ourselves, then we can positively influence those around us without effort. Wonderful post, Karen. Words we need to understand much more these days than ever before. Take care ~

    1. I think you are right Randall during these difficult times we are feeling more, and so, creating practices that bring harmony and peace within is most needed. Thank you and keep well 🌈🙏🏻😊

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