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“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” -Maya Angelou





When was the last time you went through your emails and unsubscribed everything you no longer need?

Well I did.

And I couldn’t believe how many companies I had subscribed to over the years, and instead of taking the time to open these emails and ‘unsubscribe,’ it just seemed easier to delete them over and over.  However, It wasn’t until I began the process of elimination, that I appreciated how much time I spend deleting emails I don’t need!

Often in the busyness of life, we leave certain jobs until we are forced to face them.  But what I am learning is that when I clear and clean the space around me each day, my energy feels lighter too.

Clearing; whether it is our emails, our cupboards, our homes or our energy, is not always high on our list of priorities, and yet, this background chaos has a huge impact on our energy each day.

We may try to ignore it, but deep down we know it is there, waiting for us to address at some point.

While we are avoiding this, we are also blocking the abundance and peace that is here to receive.

And so, may this post be a little nudge to say, take the time, and effort, to clean up and clear the spaces around you.

With all this new room and space in your life, you will be surprised how this opens new pathways to receive.



17 thoughts on “Unsubscribe

  1. Thanks for the nudge, Karen. As we head here into the cold season, when we spend more time inside, this is a good time to do some clearing, of both inner and outer spaces. ❤

  2. Your post, Karen, is interesting for me because just an hour ago I was cleaning up my e-mails. Not necessarily unsubscribing but transferring photos unto my pictures on my computer and deleting old flight confirmations and duplicate e-mails. Also printing out receipts for donations. It does feel good to get rid of clutter. There’s a lightness to it and an element of stress that goes away when I see the amount of e-mails diminish from lets say 80 to 20! Oh, but the in box will get filled soon enough. Have a happy day! 🙂

    1. You have expressed it beautifully Carol. Our only job is to let go and clear old energy, so the fullness of this moment is felt deeply. Happy clearing 👏👏💚

  3. I so agree Karen, I do the same thing every so often, though the recent problem has been that for some companies I unsubscribe each time they send an email, and they just keep sending them anyway. They are complying with the requirements to provide a way out, but not with it actually happening, and while they get away with it others are starting to do the same. Mmm

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