Say yes to LOVE

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“Nothing in the universe ever grew from the outside in.”  Richard Wagamese



Over the last few weeks I have had to make some decisions about my work in the future and I have struggled to know what to do.

But sitting with it, on the land, in meditation, drawing cards and sharing with wise mentors, I found a question instead.

“What would love do?”

This question immediately took me out of my mind, and straight into my heart.  And in that space I felt the tears come, allowing me to reveal my fears, my old beliefs to stay small, and my distrust in the unknown.

After feeling these fears and surrendering them, something shifted in me, and a clearer vision emerged.  Knowing what love would do, revealed a higher perspective.  Knowing what love would do embraced me to trust.  Knowing what love would do, gave me the courage to step out and up.  Knowing what love would do, let me shine in my highest potential and freedom.

Richard Wagamese says, “When a possibility presents to you, say YES.  There are a thousand ways to say “no,” “but,” “I can’t,” “it’s impossible,” “it’s too late!”

But there is only one way to say “YES!” 

With your whole being. 

When you do that, when you choose that word, it becomes the most spiritual word in the universe. 

And your world will change because you did.



30 thoughts on “Say yes to LOVE

  1. Beautiful post Karen. The quote by Richard Wagamese is what I believe in and we need to continue traveling our inward journey.

  2. Karen, such a great post. I’m feeling that I’m living the question of what’s next. That deep listening in meditation is definitely helpful. The clarity will come. 🙏🏻💕

  3. So powerful 💕 I will also sit with this question. It separates what has been before and how the future might unfold. Thank you for sharing Karen 🙏🦋

  4. I feel like my “yes” is tying in with my commitment. There’s a lesson for me in “yes” and “no.” I’m trying to think about the scenarios I would ask what love would do? Asking that question sounds like a way to open the heart and invite your heart…..

    To speak.

    Beautiful. I hope your answers continue to flow with clarity.

    1. Thank you Ka. 💕💚For me when I say ‘yes’ to life it means knowing what is in the highest good for all and that could mean saying ‘no’ to what no longer serves me. I’ve realised there is no separation. Yes to life means everything is in alignment in this moment. Yes to life means knowing when to say no. Is that confusing ha!? 💚🥰💕much love

  5. Thank you for sharing authentically about your courageous step forward. Love is always the answer. I especially like the quote. Looking forward to hearing about your next steps.

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