Universal Connection

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There is really no such thing as conditional and unconditional love –

There are conditions, and there is love. – Sadhguru



I have found a place where there is no COVID-19!

In nature!

This thought occurred to me this morning as I sat on my own in nature, enjoying the fresh air, the trees, and the divine stillness, and why was I there on my own?

Because everyone else is at the shops getting supplies for the pandemic.  Not to say we shouldn’t be taking this seriously.  We should.

No one is immune from this virus as we clearly understand now, however, I have a new perspective on it. 

I have decided that every thought I have, or action I take, I am going to do it with impeccable consciousness.  I will question my actions before I begin them, eg: Do I really need more toilet paper? ha! and I will question my thoughts or any fears as they arise.

I will now be aware that every action and thought I have may affect my family, my neighbor or an elderly man or woman down the street or a young child with low immunity.

And so, even though this virus is creating great changes, confusion, fear, separation and limiting our freedom in many ways, it has also heightened my awareness of our universal connection to each other, yet again.

So let’s remember before we separate in fear, we are all in this together, affecting one another, like it or not. 

28 thoughts on “Universal Connection

  1. Lovely. Nature has inherent in its presence, all of the answers. We need only look and listen. We are nature, too. We are ALL in this together. Be well, dear Karen. 🙏🏻💕

  2. Beautiful post, Karen! As you point out, in dealing with our latest pandemic, we humans are reminded, yet again, of our “universal connection to each other.” How easily we forget!

    1. We are slow learners Rosaliene! But I hope we can open our hearts during this time and recognise this vulnerability lives within each of us. 💕💚🌈

  3. So true, Karen. As with many challenges, let’s hope it brings out our better selves. I find myself hyperaware of where my thoughts are coming from because fear is not a good point of attraction!

    1. It’s a difficult time living in uncertainty Jennifer, and you are allowed to feel fear and concern for all those we love and care about. And When those thoughts come in, instead of contracting or feeling helpless, visualize your heart expanding and open and send them love and protection. See this light protection over them each day and practice staying in this space. It really helps shift our fears. I honour your children for the work they do. 🙏🏻💚

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