Haunted Rooms

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“You are a mansion with infinite rooms, yet you’ve convinced yourself you have to live in the basement of a haunted house.”
Nitya Prakash



Most of us growing up knew of a haunted house, which no one ever wanted to go into, and which everyone took great care as they walked passed, especially at night. 

I often think that in everyone’s life, there are haunted rooms, that we do not want to enter and better still; do our best to forget they are there at all.

To enter these rooms, we cannot break the door down with our mind or our will, but only with the gentle coaxing of our imagination, can the door be opened; where upon we will receive the gift that was locked up, due to someone or something that forced us away, or rejected in us.

All we know about ourselves is only a little surface area, when actually there lies beneath, a whole world of complexity and potential that we have yet to discover.

So perhaps instead of settling for this surface story we call life, let’s explore the haunted rooms and homes within us.  It takes courage and strength to step into the rooms of the unknown, but until we do, we may miss finding the gift that is hidden and the key to the mansion with infinite rooms. 

Do it because you need it, do it because we all win when you do.


Post inspired by John O’Donohue, Walking on the pastures to Wonder.

34 thoughts on “Haunted Rooms

  1. You are so right, Karen 🙂
    I have lived in a house, other called haunted, but I chose to contact the woman, who was still there. This went out well and we found out both to stay there in peace.
    The other rooms inside us do also need inspection from time to time, I agree. We might find treasures, as could make our lives much more worth living.

  2. So true, we get comfortable in our surroundings that to venture further loses interest a lot of the time. You say it well ~ a whole world of complexity and potential that we have yet to discover ~ this is where new excitement can be found, along with finding our potential. Wish you well, Karen.

  3. Tough one, since we lock those doors with good reason. 😉 But, of course, with careful exploration, we may make discoveries that open us and free up the draining energy it took to keep hidden what they held. ❤

  4. I love the visual of walking past the haunted house from our childhood, Karen! I never really thought that everyone had one in their neighborhood! But they do…and I would suppose that we all have those rooms inside us. Thank you for being brave and exploring yours. I have opened a door or two, but realize there are more…possibly a great many more.
    Sweet blessings 💜

    1. We all have plenty of rooms to discover Lorrie! and you know what I have also found, is that there are some rooms that I’m holding for my ancestors which are not mine to carry anymore. For eg. A great great grandmothers or grandfathers guilt, grief, or fear or anger. The haunted house is about letting that go too, so we can create more beautiful space to grow and expand! Blessings to you too Lorrie 💚💕

      1. Oh! Karen…you just hit It out of the park! I have been working through all the pain I carried for my Mom. She passed last December and this whole year has been a discovery of separating what was hers vs. what is mine! So freeing in some aspects for sure. I was locked in rooms that I didn’t even know were in the mansion!!
        Thanks for your beautiful insight into life and how to heal🌝💜🌷

      2. It was a strange realization, Karen. I don’t think it was possible while she was alive…I’m just so grateful that I was able to do what I did for and with her before she passed. And then in the beginning I felt a little guilty (a normal thing for me 😉) When I started to release her pain after her death…but she honestly helped me through it. It has been an amazing year…of course I have grief and miss her terribly, but I also feel that there was healing…for all of us!
        Sweet blessings, Karen. Thanks for understanding 🌝

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