Boundless Soul

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The soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow like a reed.

The soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals.-  Kahlil Gibran The Prophet



As I get older, I have become aware of the immense limitations I have placed on myself growing up.  The stories and beliefs that I claimed as my truth, have kept me small and contracted, but when I created a daily practice of silence, these unconscious stories became conscious, and as I learned to release these stories within, again and again, I discovered a deep well of limitless potential, that had the ability to change my story and expand my dreams.

How many of us could honestly say we have ‘boundless and measureless potential’?  And even if we did, would we believe it?

When I was living unconsciously, I never thought that what I was thinking or speaking was untrue, and so, I had to practice sitting in the silence, which is very uncomfortable at first, confronting my fears, my anger, my loss and my pain and not just once, but many, many times and will do so again, so that I can feel, see and learn about myself more deeply. 

There is so much to unfold within us, and if we give ourselves permission and time to do this work, we may just start to see our countless petals.

19 thoughts on “Boundless Soul

  1. This quote from Khalil gibran was truly inspiring karen. I completely agree with your valuable words. To sit in silence is when u get to know who u really r and one by one all our so called illusion falls off. Awesome 👍 👍👍

  2. I know I used to hold myself back. Less these days, but when I was in my 30s and younger, an astounding amount. Glad I was able to get past at least a part of it!

  3. Karen, so beautifully stated. For certain I create my own limitations. I am
    always learning to lean into it all, and being witness is of immense assistance to the process. Thanks for the reminder of silence being the place to do the work. It’s a snowy day here, good for just that kind of work! 😘

    1. Never underestimate the silence. It’s not a meditation, its not a guided voice of another. It’s just you and your breath in the stillness of life. From this place, everything unfolds, everything is seen!! 💚💕☘️

  4. Karen, another lovely, inviting post. One of my childhood stories was that my brother is the artist in the family (and by connection, I am not very artistic or creative). What I love is how the years have opened me to a well of creative energy and how much of my days are spent creating art. (I notice how I am still somewhat reluctant to label with I create as art…still some quiet opportunities for unfolding new petals!) Thanks!

    1. Beautiful Vicki! We are all creative in our own way and finding our authentic story not only expands us, but all those around us. Thank you for sharing 👏💕💚

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