Courage to Change

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Always have the courage

To Change,

Welcoming those voices

That call you beyond yourself.

John O’Donohue

A little poem about Change –

Change is the voice that calls us into the unknown,

Beyond our fears

Change awakens our slumber

And offers it’s hand to pull us off our karmic pathway

and gallop towards our destiny

It always feels uncomfortable

It demands that we listen,

And although it exposes our vulnerability and fear,

It also reveals our courage and resilience;

And as we sync into it’s rhythm,

We learn that Change know us better than ourselves

and always has our best interest at heart;

So next time Change arrives at our door

And insists we enter uncharted pathways,


Because Change will always lead us to deep freedom

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17 thoughts on “Courage to Change

  1. It does take courage Karen, and there most certainly nothing wrong with taking a step back. It too gives us lessons and builds the next step a little stronger.
    Great verse dear lady, thank you for sharing our future πŸ˜€

  2. Great poem, Karen, and very appropriate for our times when “Change arrives at our door / And insists we enter uncharted pathways” towards a more sustainable lifestyle for the survival of our species and other life forms.

    1. It should be our identity Ka!! If we don’t embrace change, we stop living fully and growing into our beautiful potential. ✨Im growing workshops for Teenagers and Young Adults who are facing grief and difficult situations. It’s such a gift πŸ’ I love my work πŸ’›

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