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Never form an opinion on anyone.  How they are in this moment is all that matters.

How they are tomorrow, let us see.

Tomorrow must be created, not concretized right now.   –  Sadhguru




A practice of gentleness with ourselves and each other in life, awakens our expansive and authentic heart.

A practice each day is essential.  Because all of us have forgotten.

Compassion, clarity, kindness, patience and openness for ourselves and each other is always within us, if we allow space to feel it.

A practice of sitting here gently with ourselves, we remember what we have lost.

In this space, we feel reunited with life and everyone around us.

In this space we remember what is important.


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23 thoughts on “Remembering……

  1. I’ll never forget that day of forgiveness. I was ranting about my dad to a friend in how I hated him with everything I had. And my beautiful friend said…’he’s been dead for ten years, who’s holding on to what?’.
    I was so angry with her I wouldn’t speak to her for weeks…but in that time I realised it was me, I was the only person hanging on to it…why?
    So I went looking, I had to face so many things that my fear had shaped, but it wasn’t until I really faced it and asked that age old question ‘why do I feel this way, what is it that makes me react as I do?’, and within that journey was a key, that one thing that holds us all back, that piece of knowledge we dare not admit to ourselves…because it brings the pain all rushing back. But this time, as an adult, we will understand the why…where as an emotionally immature child we could not so we built a wall.
    Great share kind lady, may that forgiveness always be understood, especially to ourselves, for in there is our freedom ❤️

    1. Thanks for sharing a wonderful example of how forgiveness for ourselves and others gives us great freedom Mark. It’s easy to carry our heavy wounding through life, and often it isn’t released until we are challenged or have simply had enough of our pain! Being gentle with ourselves and validating our feelings is always the first step! We just gotta keep remembering that’s all ha!! 👏😉

  2. Great advice, Karen 🙂
    Forgiveness is the way, not for the others, who did hurt us, but for ourselves to be able to live now and in the future, without the need of thinking and living in the past.

  3. Great post, Karen. It is in the stillness of reflection that we find healing…forgiveness and kindness for self. From there we expand that to others with love…and ease. 🙏🏻💕

    1. Just be gentle with it all, we are so hard on ourselves at times, forgetting we are human and all make mistakes. Today we all begin again. Thank you Heather. 💕💚

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