Carrying the Load

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“It’s not the load that breaks us down, it’s the way we carry it.” Lena Horne


Universal grief, universal anger and universal injustice, are just a few of the burdens we can carry in life.  This can happen from constantly watching, listening, or reading about world issues on social media.

In fact, what I have discovered by not watching the news daily, is that I feel lighter and have more energy to focus on my issues and the needs of my family and work.  Which in turn gives me more energy to give back to myself and the community.

I don’t disconnect from the world, I just don’t carry the burdens of the world.

When we get caught up fighting the injustices of the world or trying to get our view across to others so they will change theirs; we can feel overwhelmed, burdened and hopeless; leaving no space to nurture our needs and issues.

So today ask yourself:

“What burdens am I carrying around?”

“Are they mine to carry or resolve?”

“Am I taking on these burdens to avoid my own issues?”

“If I let them go, what would I do with the time I have now?”

You may find answering these questions, that there is more space to attend to your own needs and more importantly, to see and enjoy more of the beauty and the miracle of life.

21 thoughts on “Carrying the Load

  1. Good advice, Karen. I struggle with how much time and attention to give world affairs these days…want to stay informed and engaged, but also find the daily dose can be debilitating, so I have pulled way back and am now trying to focus chiefly on my own little orbit. ☺️

    1. That’s it Lori. A balance for sure, and with all the exaggerated and fake news around, it pays to pick and choose what we spend our energy on! Happy orbiting 😉

  2. Powerful questions Karen. It is easy to carry burdens without even noticing that I’m doing it.
    Without realizing what you’re caring you don’t have the choice to put it down. Thank you for this opportunity.

    1. Thanks Ali. I agree, sometimes we get so used to carrying around this heavy backpack through life, we just need someone to ask, “do you need that anymore?” It’s such a relief when we give ourselves permission to let it go. 💚💕

  3. a wonderful post and a glorious, light-hearted photo to make me smile! thank you.
    i often get bent low with the charges i carry around, well knowing that it’s not in my power to change. i also know that there are still many lessons to be learned!

    1. We are all frustrated by things we cannot change in others and the world, but I have discovered I can change myself over and over again and so that’s what I work on! Have a beautiful weekend Kiki 💚💕

  4. Am I taking on these burdens to avoid my own issues?

    Could not agree more. This is such an accurate analysis. So often I find sensible people quietly doing their job and people who are always vocal about all things wrong with our world are actually not doing what they are supposed to do.

    1. Yes I see this too Piro and that makes me more motivated to do more work on myself and then help others who need guidance!! Thank you and have a great weekend 💕💚

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