Sliding doors

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“I truly don’t know what will happen in my life, and I don’t need to know. My life will unfold the way it needs to. Having to know kept me caught in my head. Not needing to know keeps me open to the great mystery of life.”
Mary O’Malley


The wonder and strangeness of a day – John O’Donohue

“Each new day is a path of wonder, a different invitation.  Days are where our lives gradually become visible.

Often it seems that we have to undertake the longest journey to arrive at what has been nearest all along.

A man awakes this morning beset by an old emptiness that has gnawed for years.  By now he is adept at managing it.  He accommodates himself to another day; instinctively he sets the compass of his mind.  Later in the morning, at work, he receives a call from a woman he once knew.  He had never forgotten her.  He always sensed that she might have had the measure of his emptiness.

Now, out of the blue, she is wondering if they can meet for dinner.  As he puts down the phone, he imagines he is hearing a door opening – and senses that things may never be the same again.

Somewhere else a woman awakes besides her husband, she already feels weary at the prospect of the morning’s work and the rest of the day, minding children. She stops herself, coaxes her heart to realize that things are actually great. Her relationship has deepened in the last while, and the awkwardness of her eldest son has calmed, and the money situation has improved significantly.

She gets up, goes to the shower. At this stage she is even singing quietly to herself. She does her routine breast check and finds the lump. An abyss opens.  She will never forget this day.”


No day belongs to us.  Each day is a gift.  Wake up and honor this knowledge.  Let each new sunrise open your mind and your heart in gratitude.



24 thoughts on “Sliding doors

      1. I’m very sorry, Karen. Three of my other friends have been experiencing loss recently, and I am sending you a lot of love. May your friend always feel this precious love that is throughout us all, and how special and devoted is our love for our friends.

  1. This resonates deeply, Karen. Each day is a gift…a chance to embrace something or someone new, a chance to be honest with yourself, a chance to honor your truth. Especially poignant this morning as I just finished Atul Gawande’s book, “Being Mortal,” which speaks to the way we handle (or more often don’t handle) the reality of death in this country. So very sorry about your friend… xoxoxo, L

    1. I’ve just ordered this book. Can’t wait. You are right, we still don’t acknowledge the fact, we will all face death. Our preparation for this is now and yet, we continue to live in the illusion it won’t happen to us. Thank you Lori, it’s very sad as she is only 58yrs. 💕💚

  2. Thanks for the beautiful reminder. We never know what the day will bring, and staying open is the only way we will be fully present to whatever life has to offer. I am also interested in the book Being Mortal! Thanks ladies.

    1. Yes staying open and prepared is the only way to live! 💕 I am looking forward to reading that book too Heather. Happy Easter, I hope you have a lovely break 🌈😊

  3. Thanks, Karen! Always spot on!!
    I just yesterday had to remind myself that even though I am involved in a huge project (I tend to get tunnel vision to make it happen) that this is my life…that I am living each day! I don’t know if that makes sense, but it centered me and reminded me to BE in the moment…IN my life.
    Happy Easter weekend to you.

    1. Yes it definitely makes sense Lori. Sometimes we just need to step back, take a deep breath in and remember how precious life is. I hope you had a great Easter too 🐣💕🐣

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