Surrender – Allow – Receive

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If you wish for light, be ready to receive light.



Growing up we were all fed unconscious beliefs and messages about receiving. One of the songs I grew up singing was, “God loves a cheerful giver, give it all you got” and at church every Sunday I would say, “Lord I am not worthy to receive.”  Over time, these beliefs became normalized and became my truth.

I never realized how deeply I believed that I didn’t deserve to receive, until I started a spiritual practice in 2008.

When we believe that giving is a job we must endure, or that we are not worthy to receive unless we give, then over time, we slowly but surely wear down the essence of our spirit and our soul’s purpose. 

We give out, not because we want to, but because we should, and in the end, our physical and mental health takes its toll, leaving us unable to receive or give fully.

Exercising, working long hours, traveling, socializing, giving to our families, our friends, charities and overdosing on-screen time, are just a few ways we give out, leaving us feeling exhausted, depleted and running on empty.

So how do we transition from this deep unconscious denial of receiving?  Not easy to do when we are programmed to do the opposite. 

So at first receiving feels wrong.  Receiving brings up feelings of guilt.  Receiving triggers memories we don’t have enough time, energy or deserve to receive, and the list goes on.

But why would I deny myself a gift that not only nurtures my every need, but keeps my mind and my health energized, alive and wanting to give freely?

Everyone needs to answer that question honestly, but for me, when I surrender to this beautiful space and receive, my body’s ability to heal, nurture and connect deeply, happens naturally. 

That’s more than enough reasons for me to accept the gift of receiving.

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21 thoughts on “Surrender – Allow – Receive

  1. Another wonderful post from you. We often associate humiliation with receiving. When we receive, our ego seems to get hurt. This is also one obstacle that we must overcome in order to receive whole heartedly.

  2. This post of yours really speaks to me, Karen. I have always had difficulty receiving, and your post has helped me to realize that I have as much of a responsibility to graciously receive as I do to give. Personally, it’s about finding a healthy balance between the two, as well as opening myself up enough to experience the personal gratitude that can be received from either state. Finding the yin yang … thank you.

    1. It is a balance and what I have discovered is that when I honour my needs and my energy first, I naturally want to give and share abundantly with others and Mother Earth. We must receive first, and then all our actions are from the heart, rather than from our conditioned mind. 🙏🏻 Thank you for sharing ☺️

  3. It seems serendipitous to read your thoughts on receiving after I have just found a new relationship with receiving. I’m not sure I’m ready to put this ‘new’ understanding into words yet, but I appreciate very much reflecting on yours 🙂 Receiving is happening, it gets in. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad to hear this and I agree Ka. It’s not easy to explain or express. It’s a feeling, a connection, an expanding into the infinity of abundance. May you find it deeply within you 💕💚

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