Why not?

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You see things and say, ‘why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘why not?’ – George Bernard Shaw


There is a quote I love saying to myself, “Dream the impossible into being.” And believe me, it isn’t something that we can create overnight, but rather over many years, and takes a deep commitment, trust and loads of patience to work towards it.

Of course dreams change over the years and that’s normal, but what dreams are we giving up on or destroying in us, because of our fear of failure, laziness, our age, or not feeling good enough?

Many people think that it’s just good luck or good timing that creates a book, a dream home or the right job or a new business, but from what I’ve seen, in my own life and in others that I mentor; it’s a daily commitment to the cause and it takes a lot of courage, patience and trust to step out and be vulnerable, not knowing if it might fail or succeed.

I have seen an 80- yr-old write her first book, a 20-yr-old become a millionaire, a 60-yr-old start a new career, and a 70-year-old embark on a new journey living in another country, so we can’t use age as a barrier for our dreams.

Life is short.Β  Do what you came here to do.


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18 thoughts on “Why not?

  1. With this recent move, I have become painfully aware of how easy it is to pull in, β€˜hole up,’ and hew close to the familiar. Finding I have to push myself to get out, meet new people, seek new opportunities, but when I do, I am rewarded. Thanks for the words of encouragement, Karen! Xox, L

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