Ancestral Karma

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We inherit from our ancestors gifts so often taken for granted. Each of us contains within this inheritance of soul. We are links between the ages, containing past and present expectations, sacred memories and future promise. – Edward Sellner

When I work with people to discover a deeper understanding of their life, I am always amazed how strong the links are to our past.

Our roots are a symbol of family and tradition and our ancestral past carries a strong imprint within our DNA.  This can manifest in our life as an emotional, physical or spiritual imprint, either way, we all have this unique DNA within us, and when we understand where we came from, we can reveal a deeper understanding of who we are and change what needs to be changed.

Before I can look at myself clearly, I must learn what it is, I no longer need to carry.  When I hold onto these past imprints, it keeps me from discovering my true self. To be able to see who I am, is to let the person underneath evolve and to experiment into being.

As we understand our past, we may find that what we have always believed about ourselves is not what one truly is.

Often there is darkness when uncovering the past however, it is always in the darkness where I learn to go inward and emerge with a greater vision for the future.

Gazing into the past, I have discovered deep wisdom and each time I do, I have a greater purpose and passion to live in the present.

“It was the kind of moon
that I would want to
send back to my ancestors
and gift to my descendants

so they know that I too,
have been bruised…by beauty.”

Sanober Khan

27 thoughts on “Ancestral Karma

  1. Hey Karen,
    This is profound. I know that ancestral work is powerful. I really know nothing much before my parents. I knew one grandmother briefly, but she was senile by the time I came. My other died while I was in the womb. By the time I was interested to know my ancestry, both parents had died. None of my cousins know anything either. Would you recommend or would you suggest a more intuitive approach? I don’t feel a lot of pull that way, but I’m all for changing whatever in my DNA needs changing.

    Peace and Blessings to you, dear Karen. I miss you. I’ll be back on line one of these days. Still trying to integrate all that is happening over here, so fast.

    1. It can be good if we know our history but I have worked with many people who don’t and what we can do is clearly acknowledge the changes we want to make in our lives today and then forgive and release what we no longer want to hold or carry for our parents and ancestors. If you know names from your history, then is great and I have had people discover amazing information from there. It just helps us understand us and that is always important., I hope you are back on line soon Mary, I love your work, it is a gift to us all. Much love 💚

  2. Beautiful, and the words of Khan resonate deeply at my core, thank you. Yes, we carry our past most certainly. Recently I did my DNA and was very surprised to see that I am Syrian right near the top. This means it was fairly recent in my history. Who knows what I am carrying around, but at times there is an overwhelming sense of aloneness, darkness which is exactly where the growth happens . . . in the discomfort.

    1. DNA testing is so interesting! It is surprising too. My mum found out we were 75% Irish which we did not know. And yes I’m pretty sure that there is a lot of baggage being carried around out there. I love this work it’s so very interesting.,Thanks Heather 💚💕

  3. Are you familiar with Bruce Lipton and his epigenetic work? He purports that our DNA is always evolving and we can affect that change to heal and renew, similar to what you are saying here. Fascinating – great post to ponder. Thanks, Karen!

  4. Beautiful post and I agree that we carry our ancient histories with us, in out dna perhaps, but most certainly in our psyches. Untangling that, choosing what we wish to retain and what we wish to let go is transformative. Stunning Khan quote!

  5. Thank you for bringing this refection into being today Karen ❤️ It does make me pause and consider the past that is known in this world, and the unknown path of our souls through time. Perhaps we will find that they meet in our DNA 😊

    1. Thankyou for your pause and consideration Val. This is very important work to me and I have seen incredible healing and release in my own life and in those that explore this area from their past. 🙏🏻💚

  6. This post left me pondering…I feel both close and far in relation to my ancestors. I left the family circle early to be in the larger world, but when I return to those physical locations I still ‘feel’ my grandparents, for example. In a good way.

  7. Wise words to be aware of our biology, especially the patterns, programmes, diseases we pick up along the way… and understand it is not ALL of our story AND in this knowing we can choose to be anything we desire. Much love Karen, Barbara x

  8. Karen we definitely carry a lot of history through from our childhood and our life is shaped and moulded through all the experiences we have. Whether they are good or bad we still have a choice to learn from them and then decide what mark we wish to leave for our future families.

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