Loving what is….

“Thinking that people are supposed to do or be anything other than what they are, is like saying that the tree over there should be the sky. I investigated that and found freedom.” – Byron Katie


Yesterday I did a Byron Katie workshop.  It was amazing.

The quote above reminds me, to be aware of times when I am trying to be something I am not.  It also reminds me to be aware when I am believing that others should be anything other than who they are, or where they are in life.

Each of us has a unique time frame to grow, understand and discover our true purpose in life.

The sky cannot be a tree.  The hummingbird does not need to worry who will grow or water the flowers; their only job is to drink the sweet nectar of the flower.  The same rule applies to each of us.

Become aware of the deep belief system within you.  Be who you are meant to be.  Let others be who they are meant to be.  See how this brings us freedom.

“The gentlest thing in the world is an open mind. Since it doesn’t believe what it thinks, it is flexible, porous, without opposition, without defense. Nothing has power over it. Nothing can resist it. Even the hardest thing in the world — a closed mind — can’t resist the power of openness. Ultimately the truth flows into it and through it, like water through rock.

It’s not your job to love me — it’s mine.” – Byron Katie

39 thoughts on “Loving what is….

    1. It is tough and in the workshop yesterday it was hard for us all to confront this in our life. But once we got it, it released a heaviness in us all, about blame and searching for our answers in others. It’s really powerful! Thankyou Val 💜💜

      1. It does seem to be an ingrained part of so many of us, especially in the western world. I’m glad the workshop inspired and revealed more on your journey Karen 💛

  1. In a world that preaches CHANGE continually, that can be a hard path to follow for some, especially when one’s livelihood is affected. Still, I guess at the heart of who we are, we can be true to who we are. Provocative post Karen. ❤
    Diana xo

  2. Lovely post, Karen. So glad you had a good workshop. I have always appreciated her. So down to earth with her wisdom. I love that quote about the gentlest thing in the world is an open mind. That totally resonates. Thank you.
    Peace, open mindedness and loving what is

  3. I think the expectations we put on others has much to do with our need to control people. I wonder if it all doesn’t also come out of a basic dissatisfaction with ourselves. A wise post, Karen. Thank you.

      1. I love what you say here Karen. The word, “space” is such a beautiful word in this context.

  4. I tend to take pride in being open minded, but as I read this, I realize I’m not so open minded when it comes to the people closest to me. This is going to help me with that. The examples take my understanding to a new level.

    1. It was Kath and for Michael too, who was the only man brave enough to go to the workshop ha!! It helped us both see, whatever we are lacking in life, is lacking within us, and it just shifts everything when we understand this truth. Thankyou 💚

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