Inner Strength and Courage

Courage is not having the strength to go on.  Its going on when you don’t have the strength.


As soon as a seed is anchored, its priorities shift and it redirects all its energy toward stretching up.  Its reserves have nearly run out and it desperately needs to capture light in order to fuel the process that keeps it alive.  As the tiniest plant in the forest, it has to work harder than everything above it, all the while enduring a misery of shade.

Lab Girl by Hope Jahren

The passage by Hope Jahren shows how difficult it can be to grow in the extreme conditions of life.  Counseling a beautiful Mother recently, whose 14-year-old son died in an accident four months ago, reminded me of these extreme challenges and how our priorities have to shift, to survive the misery and shade of grief.

Grief and suffering keep our reserves of energy running low, but in order to survive and fuel this source, we have to capture the light and grow.  We have to keep stretching beyond normal capabilities and focus on nurturing, support and love. Although it is extremely difficult to grow in this environment; there is always enough strength and courage within us, and there always enough light and love around us.

25 thoughts on “Inner Strength and Courage

  1. Karen, great connection between the attributes of plant life and human life. There are lessons that we can learn from lower forms of life, for they depend upon God and use His gift of life and intent for them to the full. They do not waver against adversity as those of us who choose to doubt our origin.

  2. In the midst of grief it is difficult to see that your are growing … it is only afterwards looking back and then the realization comes. This was a beautiful post. Thank you.

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