I Deserve…..

Every soul is beautiful and precious; is worthy of dignity and respect, and deserving of peace, joy and love.    Bryant McGill

What do we believe we deserve in life?  This is a powerful question that can leave us feeling uncertain.  The true answer lies in the reflection of our life and in those around us.

When I am disappointed with life, or continually find myself in situations where I feel inadequate; then it is time to look within; and discover my true beliefs about what ‘I think’, I deserve.

When I truly believe and trust, that I deserve to be treated with respect and love, then the universe responds accordingly.  When I truly believe and trust, that I am worthy to manifest my dreams, then the universe responds accordingly.

As the Buddha quote reminds us “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”   Each time I changed an old pattern or belief about myself, I changed the way the world responded to me.

Try this letting go meditation:

Sit quietly and take some deep long breaths

Allow your mind to be empty and present

As yourself, “What do I deserve?”

Perhaps write these thoughts down

Is this happening for you?  If not, ask yourself why?

Search within your heart and find any fear or disbelief, that keeps you from receiving what you deserve.

Acknowledge any feelings that arise in you.  Is there a part of you who does not believe you deserve this? 

Take some deep long breaths and begin to let go of this feeling and this belief.  Use your exhale to release it from your mind and body.

Write down some affirmations and actions.  What do you need to do, to  help change and shift these old patterns and beliefs?

Take some deep slow breaths and practice visualising your new goals. 

Everyone deserves to be loved and to have what they need in life. When this is not happening for us, then we need to understand why.  When we find it within us and let it go, we may receive more than we wished for.

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40 thoughts on “I Deserve…..

  1. I really love this post Karen. Letting go is what it’s all about. But god it’s difficult! It’s all about consistency, huh? 😘

  2. Such wonderful words of wisdom… well said!
    I really love this line: “when I truly believe and trust, that I deserve to be treated with respect and love, then the universe responds accordingly”. It speaks volumes and if we all take these words to heart we will understand that we don’t need to settle for less.

    Great post…

  3. Working on this right now, to heal, as I have been carry traumatic loss in my body and I need to let it go, just reading this about breathing and positive affirmations helps me to start my day in a right mindset. Thank you and blessings always.

    1. I think there are many layers of traumatic loss in our body. Recognizing when we need to let go is the answer. I wish you many blessings too, as you work through this process.

  4. Just love this Karen, and swear I’m going to implement it. Feeling like I’m slightly ‘off-center’ of late–perhaps a bit of mindful thinking will get me back where I need to be….

  5. It’s just magical how that works. When we change our thoughts and our inner, the Universe mirrors how we really feel about something. Such a great teacher, that mirror!

      1. I guess it wouldn’t be that great a teacher if we did like everything it reflected. Hahaha. Tough Love. I can’t imagine that anything that mirrored you would be anything but loving, nurturing, balanced and beautiful. 🙂

  6. Most people do not take the time to think about their true needs and wants. They are busy living a lifestyle that takes them from day to day and usually leads to fewer accomplishments and more “to do items” on the “never ending to do list.” As the Amish quote reads, “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.”

    Everyone can and needs to CREATE time on a regular basis for themselves. Changing one’s patterns in life may require a little effort and be a little stressful (at first), but I believe that happiness and fulfillment is worth the effort.

  7. And I think when we begin to think that we deserve better, then we also begin to make it happen. Thanks for this post today. It truly resonated with me and how I currently feel.

    1. That is so good Elizabeth, you have worked very hard on healing and changing your thoughts and beliefs. You should be very proud of yourself and of who you are becoming! 🙂

  8. So true! And even the most spiritually seasoned among us succumb to fear sometimes. We hold on to something that is not quite right for fear nothing better will come along. A great reminder!

  9. So much truth to this… There are times I shake my head as I can feel on top of the world one day and then at the bottom the next, and it is really the thoughts and what I allow to bother me that brings me down (work stress being a big one). It helps stepping back, taking a breath and see life for what it is. I’ve heard such great things about meditation, I need to explore it further 🙂 Thank you very much for this post ~

  10. Karen I love this meditation. I have been doing the free 21 day meditation with Oprah and Deepak Chopra and have enjoyed everyone of them. It is hard to change your mindset but it can be done I am slowly learning to quiet that active mind of mine. We all deserve some peace in our lives, don’t we?

  11. I’ve known for some time that I deserve more peace and more joy on a more consistent basis. When I let go of resentments about bad things happening to me, and just imagined the good things coming, good things came. There are challenges of course, but more of what I deserve is on the way. Thank you for moving me forward in affirming this!

    1. I am always so glad to hear these results Joanne. When we change our thoughts and beliefs, the universe responds positively! Thankyou for sharing your story. There are challenges in changing this, but the results are worth every effort.

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