Embrace the unknown……

“How can you know what you’re capable of, if you don’t embrace the unknown?”   Esmeralda Santiago

We live in a world that requires certainty.  We need to know everything before it happens, we like to believe we know the path ahead.

If we are to transform from our old life into another, then a part of us needs to die. Letting go is never easy. Life insists we keep moving forward, and until we understand this, we will feel trapped under our resistance to change.

Motivational speaker Les Brown tell us,“There will be times in our life when we stand at a precipice of a decision.”  He gives us an example of this choice.

A man who is at the crossroads of his life, is given two choices. The first choice is to go through a door that says ‘unknown’ and the second choice, is to stand in front of a firing squad. The man hesitates and asks, “What is behind the door?”

The leader replies, “You will not know, until you walk through it.”

Feeling overwhelmed by fear and the uncertainty of the unknown, the man chooses to go in front of the firing squad; simply because he knew what the outcome would be.

The next day, an onlooker walked over and asked the leader, “What is behind the door?”

The leader replied, “Freedom.”

Transformation takes courage. When we step through the unknown door of life, we let go of what we have always known, and it is there, we will find our truth and our freedom.

When is a good time to do this?  We won’t know until we try……

39 thoughts on “Embrace the unknown……

  1. Yeah, so many people who come to see me to get unstuck are stuck because of this very thing. They would rather stay in the uncomfortable place that is known, than move forward into the unknown. Usually they are not conscious of it. They think they want to move forward. So, healing needs to take place. Then moving forward happens anyway. The healing work, of course, takes courage as well. Amazing image! Great post, Karen.

    1. Thanks Mary. This is a similar theme in my practice too. But instead of feeling frustrated, I remember that we are only here to guide and plant a seed. When that begins to grow in them, is not my business. It does take courage, and lots of patience! Thankyou for always contributing your wisdom with us. 🙂

  2. My first thought is I would go through the unknown door. Then my second thought was what if the second door is a slow and painful death? Ahh human nature is interesting, Karen. ❤
    Diana xo

  3. You are hitting a nail here Karen. I have often spoke to people and they asked me, how I could move around first in my own country and then another country? Many live in same place or town as they always have done, without trying something new.

    1. I hear about these stories all the time Irene. It is sad. It is also fear that stops them from moving forward and into the new. Each of us has to find our own courage to walk into the unknown. Unfortunately, it is not something we can pass on.

  4. I often like to step into the unknown. Sometimes I can move forward in joy. Others I have to step back. Sometimes I can’t step back and have to make a wild turn.
    Overall, though, I relish that step!

    1. I love to hear this Emilie. It is exciting and scary to step out into the path we do not know. And yes, ‘wild turn’ every now and then is needed! Moving forward in joy, sounds like a great decision. 🙂

  5. So, so tough to take that leap of faith, isn’t it? I’ve been struggling with this alot lately, trying to stretch myself, get outside my comfort zone professionally, and it’s *terrifying.* But I keep reminding myself that, although it may not turn out like I’d hope, the experience *won’t* kill me…. 🙂 Thx for always making me stop and think, Karen!

    1. It is tough Lori. So my question is “What are you afraid of?” Im pretty sure it won’t kill you, ha but I think as the story above shows, we sometimes believe it may. To help you feel more confident, write down the pro’s and con’s of moving from where you are and what fears you have about this. Once you understand the fear is an illusion, you can take a deep breath and “Go for it.” You will be great, don’t doubt yourself, 🙂

    1. I think the image is exactly how we feel! I love that I am trusting the path ahead too Kath. It seems to work out far better than the plans I imagine. 🙂 Hope you are keeping warm.

  6. Great post, Karen! I’ve done lots of professional work around change and transformation, but when it comes and knocks on my own door I still hesitate to invite it in…just realized that this weekend. And then today decided to leap 🙂

  7. This is exactly what I need to read as I prepare over the next year to step away of my stressful job of 30 years into something less certain but certainly with the potential to be closer to what will nurture my soul.

    1. I am so glad to hear this story Joanne. It is very difficult to make these changes especially after 30 years! Well done and you are a wonderful example of stepping out in courage. Thankyou 🙂

  8. Reblogged this on Loving Me, Too and commented:
    Protect yourself from those who would be like a firing squad in slow motion, chipping away at your soul. What else is there? The unknown is a chance for something better, something that nurtures your soul and revives your spirit.

  9. Fear prevents us from moving forward; fear protects us from getting hurt (both physically and emotionally.) When does fear work for us and when does it work against us? I believe fear offers us information. It should be part of a decision process, but should not be the only determining factor. To grow and develop in life, we must learn to overcome fear. In doing so, we achieve the ability to experience more of life. The trade off is worth it!

    1. You make a good point about fear. Most of the time fear is an illusion I have created in my mind. Once I recognize this, I seem to move forward more freely. Thanks for your thoughts and contribution. 🙂

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