In appreciation to all the Medical staff and Carers around the world who often have very difficult jobs delivering results and news to parents and loved ones, and who do the best they can with the circumstances they are presented with each day. 

This video clip below reminds us of the special people in this world making a difference to all of us when we need it.


10 thoughts on “Appreciation

  1. I take my hat of to them. When my father lost his battle with cancer the nurses who came to our home were like angels, I swear, they are a special type of being and I will never forget the love, care and kindness they gave to him and us.

  2. They are angels and you are right, you don’t forget them. Thankyou Kath for sharing about the angels you had for your Dad. I hope this fathers day is a peaceful one for you.

    1. Me too Elizabeth, I cry every time I watch it! And yes that would be a beautiful moment for him to walk her down the aisle, but I do hope that is not the end of his career, as he is very special.

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