“Empty out the heaviness that we have collected overtime and allow the spaciousness of love and peace to flow through you.” – Sa Silvano

When I fill up my life with busyness, resentment, anger or pain, I leave no room for spaciousness which allows me to receive the limitless joy and love available.  I have experienced this a lot over the years and I have discovered, the less I accumulate in my mind, the more I allow myself to receive and feel.

Happiness and freedom requires acceptance and detachment from our pain.  There is no easy road to spaciousness but when we learn to practice stillness in our life, we realise that letting go of our busyness and attachment to the future and past stories, we can unblock the pain and connect to a new awareness and freedom.

In making space for the unknown, I feel lighter and allow exactly what needs to be in my life.  I have more clarity and peace to make the right decisions as well.

Sonia Choquette is a healer and explains in this clip why meditation can create a different spaciousness in us, free from fear and how you can do this each day.

“The moment that judgement stops through acceptance of what it is, you are free of the mind. You have made room for love, for joy, for peace.”  EckhartTolle


2 thoughts on “Spaciousness

  1. Hello friend
    Again your post is timely and spirit is drawing me to your work and your postings . IAM realizing how unmanageability I and chaos is coming from inside me and making the effort to be still is difficult. I am having a new level of awareness about my work in a Eft practice and my mind that is disacccoiating due to PTSD… I am hoping I can make it thru this and not want to alter my mood in some way. I will keep surrendering all these stressful thoughts and beliefs to spirit. Thank so much for being here so I can heal my unresolved grief from the past.

    1. It is difficult to be still and leave our busy minds. Just keep practising and accepting yourself completely as you are
      now. Allow yourself to be in the pain, face it and overtime you will feel a shift. You are doing really well.

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