A few years ago, when picking up my children from school, I began to notice a nine-year old girl waiting to catch the bus home each day.  Everytime I saw her, I became annoyed at the Mother because she didn’t make an effort to pick her up or at least get someone else to help her.  I felt like this girl was too young to be on her own and wanted to change that for her.

After years of judging Mother’s who were not there for their children, I began to self-reflect on my attitude and why I was so upset about this.  I realised I was that little girl waiting at the bus stop.  She was simply reflecting my own childhood experience and the anger I felt at my Mum for not being there.

My Mum worked full-time when we were young and we had to walk and catch the bus to and from school each day, hardly a crime, but it did affect me and I did want my Mum to pick me up and be there for me when I arrived home.

Of course I don’t remember being angry when I was a little girl because what happens is we forget we have locked this part of ourselves away, hoping that the hurt has disappeared, but unfortunately it will always reveal itself in the reflection of those we meet.

“Everyone around us is our teacher and our reflection.  It doesn’t matter if it is good or bad, it’s only there to show us who we really are.”

Each of us creates the inner-peace or discord that flows out into the world.  We cannot create outer peace if we are riddled with inner-conflict, hatred, doubt or anger.

We radiate the feelings and thoughts that we hold inside, whether we speak them or not.  These wounds are almost always from childhood and it is up to us to find what they are and forgive those who hurt us.  Often we are transfixed by all the ways we can reflect ourselves out in the world and yet, we need to find time to reflect back deeply on ourselves.

I needed to forgive my Mum and let that small part of me go as it no longer served me.  If you find that you are often annoyed at others, or seem to attract the same people with the same old problems, then learn to make time for self-reflection.

What you will find in this stillness is your answers, your past and the pain you have held unconsciously.  In acknowledging the old wounds from the past, you will release this barrier that you project onto others and your world.

In learning to let it go, you will start to  see the world through love, forgiveness and compassion and walk lightly with others.


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