Our minds keep us busy and often it is simply to avoid connecting to our heart and listening to what we really need and listening to how we can nurture ourselves.

Below is a beautiful poem that Sa Silvano wrote to remind us that when we are busy with too many thoughts, we lose connection to our truth and from healing.


Blessed Be   Stay in your heart  Stay here

where there is truth

and silence

and stillness

and peace

 Leave all thoughts alone.

If something you read or hear is felt and experienced deep within as true, then it is a truth that has always lived within you.

Leave your worries, leave your anxieties, leave your cares, leave your weariness, leave your shame, leave your blame, leave your guilt, leave your fear… leave it all alone.

Don’t mess with it. Don’t engage with any of it.

Leave it all alone.

 Processes are often created by the mind. Focus on the processes and you fall deeper into the mind.

Mind is of time – of the past and of the future. Mind is of beginnings and endings. Processes also have a beginning and an ending.

Whatever is experienced through the process or as a result of the process will soon fade, for nothing from the mind is lasting.

 The art of being is simple. Become fully present in this moment and stay here, at peace with everything that is also here with you.

 Now here in this moment there may be a movement. A thought, a feeling. Perceive and remember that you are not that thought nor that feeling. Remain the stillness, even in movement. Remain the silence, even in noise.

 Nothing is happening in here, all is peace here, even whilst storm or chaos seems to surround, stillness remains through it all and when the storm subsides, stillness still is.

 All that rises and falls, that lives and dies, that comes and goes – all this is not real – not abiding – transient – fleeting – meaningless.

That which is unchanging and eternal is the power that is, that has always been, before all beginnings and will continue beyond all endings.

This unchanging eternal aliveness, this Presence, this is your true nature.

 Blessed be.


7 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Hello sister
    Your wisdom and insight are verry helpful and benificial to me as I am learning to face my grief and much pain over the years. However I am learning that all this pain and trauma all this unresolved grief and post traumatic disorder can be healed. The anger…the hatred..the desire for revenge all too can be transformed into compassion. Thank you for the healing grace and love I feel from your work and your web site. Thank you…this is a real turning point for the old warrior to lay his arms down and learn the ways of peace , for in the way of spirit is the way of wisdom…in this way there is a new freedom for my kind. This is the way of the peacemakers and the way of peacebuilders. No longer being a intrument of war, but now learning to become an instrument of peace. Thank you Dear One.

    Rick in central fla.

    1. Hi Rick

      Many thanks for your heartfelt comment and honesty. It is so good when we understand that healing is available to us all and to learn the ways of peace is within each of us to embrace.

      I wish you many blessings along your journey to discover your true potential and gifts.


      1. Yes, when you say gifts and wake up to my full potentional give me hope. The old hard angry image I was so confused between what was spiritual strength and what was spiritual weakness. I am learn from you and other peacemakers that the way of peace is strength as well as coasts ion and humility and softness. Wow was I off base or what. Thanks again. Bye for now… Keep up the good work and giveing us All…healing.. As we awken to our full potentional and become the adult my source has intended for me to be.

      2. Rick, you are a true warrior with loads of courage and strength to walk this journey.

      3. Thank you for your understanding and encouragement. I am not use to kind words from a woman. Both my rageahoic battering mother and rageahoic battering ex wife were a little short on understanding and encorgarement at this level of the heart. Thanks again for allowing me to having a postive hurting experience with a safe woman. There are safe and hurting women on the planet after all. Hoorah..

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