I Don’t Know?

(Pic: Pexel)

‘Maturity, one discovers, has everything to do with the acceptance of not knowing.’

Mark Z Danielewski – House of Leaves

Once there was a monk who specialized in the Buddhist precepts, (a general rule intended to regulate behavior or thought) and he was very disciplined at this.

Then late one night as he was walking home, he stepped on something. It made a squishing sound, and immediately he imagined he had stepped on an egg-bearing frog.

This caused him great concern and regret, in view of the Buddhist precept against taking life, and when he finally went to sleep, he dreamed that hundreds of frogs came demanding his life.

Waking up with no relief from his thoughts, he returned to the scene, and to his surprise, he discovered he had stepped on an overripe eggplant.

As a rush of relief came over him, he finally understood the meaning of being a witness to life and the understanding, ‘That until you know, you don’t know.’

16 thoughts on “I Don’t Know?

  1. This quote! During the night (after a Sunday spent with friends, where we ‘remade the world in 7+h!) I thought of my mum who died a year ago and from whom I took over the ‘charge’ of keeping the family together. And the essence of her late life was to have more understanding. Not to judge but to ‘look behind the curtain’. That wisdom has to be acquired and isn’t (sadly) a God given….
    I have become more of a listening friend, non-judgemental and I am becoming more of my mum (in a good way)…. this citation and the story fit in beautifully.
    Thank you dear Karen. I wish you a great week. Kiki

    1. So nice to hear from you Kiki! And thank you for sharing your beautiful story of your Mum (sorry for your loss) and your understanding and experiences of wisdom in life. Have a wonderful week too 🥰🧡

  2. Great post Karen, and much wisdom. Something Spirit said to me in the very beginning…as Spirit they know everything…but do not ‘know’ it. Hence our journey to understand conditional love, so that we understand unconditional love…and let it all go 😀❤️🙏🏽

  3. Becoming more at ease with not knowing does seem to be a mark of age and wisdom. It used to bug me not to ‘know’ the answer to everything, but once I realized that it is impossible to know everything, I came to accept my own or others ignorance with grace. 💚

  4. This is an excellent thought to have – think deeply about it, and then come back to it again and again :-). I cannot tell you the number of times run off with one idea only to find out how much I did not know – and it is so much easier to understand ~ ‘That until you know, you don’t know.’

    1. Exactly! When we are certain of something we are much more likely to remain closed or stubborn. But ‘Not knowing’ creates a beginners mind and many possibilities.

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