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You need nothing to be happy.

You need something to be sad.


As tradition dictates, upon entering his Zen master’s house, the disciple left his shoes and umbrella outside.

“I saw through the window that you were arriving,” said the master. “Did you leave your shoes to the right or the left of the umbrella?”

“I haven’t the least idea. But what does that matter? I was thinking of the secret of Zen!”

“If you don’t pay attention in life, you will never learn anything. Communicate with life, pay each moment the attention it deserves – that is the only secret of Zen.”

Paul Coelho


Where is your attention each day?

In the mind, its thoughts and constant stories?

Or in the quiet space of your heart?

14 thoughts on “PAY ATTENTION

  1. That’s true Karen, especially in our age when their is a great lack of spacial and positional awareness among many due to their virtual world, and the world we inhabit when our minds are too busy. Mindfulness is a moment by moment experience and not just a therapy. Birding has helped us to become more mindful, as does the joy of being aware and present. I have a little note beside my desk which says “Be Present” to remind me when I get lost in my study and creativity. The past is behind, the future is not here yet, and as God says ” Iam that Iam” always in the present. Thanks for inspiring us.

    1. Thank you for sharing your understanding and wisdom about this Ashley. It is an awareness we have not been taught growing up and so, it takes ‘time’ to become present and aware of the timeless. Your birding is a beautiful practice to stay in this space. 🙏🏻😊

  2. I like the question you pose, it’s beautiful. I start my day quietly, without effort, and at times the whole day follows without much change, but then there are days where from the quietness it explodes into ideas and stories ~ I enjoy both types of days, they make me appreciate each other 🙂

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