Be Open

White open window - sun rays in the forest Wall Mural • Pixers® • We live  to change

Be open.

When I open myself to the world, to this moment, and all it’s possibilities – even it’s suffering

– I can become whole.

But when I contract into my fears; my life becomes heavy and difficult.

In this struggle, everything I do is about protecting myself, rather than being open and inviting abundant energy in.

Everything is energy. My thoughts. My feelings. My choices.

Choose fullness over emptiness.

Be open to it all.

Person Spreading Hands Against Sun

Pic: Victor Freitas

28 thoughts on “Be Open

  1. Yes courage is what we all need more of to press through and be authentic Karen. Fear freezes us from going forward and achieving crippling our true self. Faith and peace of spirit liberates us to be real and go forward to discover our true potential.
    Well expressed Karen

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