Wheel of the Year Painting by Antony Galbraith

“Consciousness is only possible through change; change is only possible through movement.”
― Aldous Huxley

Wheel of the Year Painting by Antony Galbraith

In Celtic tradition, time is depicted as a wheel, as in many indigenous traditions, always turning and moving through the cycles of seasons.

Each day is a new beginning and each evening an end, however, nothing is ever final or lost, because everything returns again – in one way or another – in a repeating natural cycle.

And although ‘time’ in our modern world is usually regarded as linear, the cyclical nature of life continues to be recognized, and when we understand this deeply, we can trust that life will always renew itself and be born again in another form.

Our state just went into lock down for three days. We have had a couple of active COVID cases in the community and as we all know, its so important to take the necessary precautions with COVID and because of this, Australia has kept on top of it so far.

Each one of us no matter where we live, is learning to adapt in a new way and understanding that although we do not have certainty, we do have control over our attitude and how we care for one another.

The spiral of life shows us that this too shall pass, and life will continue to renew and restore itself again and again.

8 thoughts on “Movement

  1. maybe consciousness is change, as awareness leads us to think, while without doing something, we are being a paradox, we want change but are not willing to change, the cause of many disagreements, happy monday, philosophy hour…

      1. Do they have a vaccine program there? The program here is steamrolling, but of course, our C-19 case numbers look less than great. Everyone asks ‘Have you had your jab yet?’ It is interesting to say the least!

      2. Yes they are slowly rolling out the vaccine here and there are countries who need it so much more than we do. But I think everyone is doing the best with what they have and what they know. And hopefully we all learn more about ourselves and Mother Earth during this time 🙏🏻💕

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