The Courage to Soar

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‘The Courage to soar to great heights is inside all of us.’ – Kerri Strug


Many years ago, an eaglet who fell out of his nest, was left orphaned and abandoned in the forest.  Shortly after, a snake found the eaglet and decided to take care of him.

As the eaglet grew, the snake knew of the eagle’s great power and his ability to soar to great heights, however, the snake kept this knowledge hidden from the eaglet and instead, seduced him with another story. Each day the snake taunted the eaglet and only shared stories about his power and his ability to seduce and kill. Over time, the eaglet grew weak and fearful of the snake and its power.

As the eaglet absorbed and believed the stories told by the snake, he slowly lost his ability to listen to his intuition and the power to soar freely in the sky and by the time he became an eagle, he had forgotten who he was.

However, one night as the eagle slept, a great ancestor ‘Wanbli’ came to him in a dream. Wanbli took the young eagle to the top of the highest mountain and showed him how the sky unfolded into a limitless horizon. He looked deeply into the young eyes of the eagle, and said, ‘Why are you living out the limiting stories you have been told when you are a majestic beast, who lives and reigns in the abundance of the sky?’

The young eagle told Wanbli that he feared the snake and his ability to kill him.  The ancestor laughed and said, ‘How can an eagle be afraid of a snake? My son, great power lives within your DNA.  You hold the strength and the wisdom of all those who have gone before you. Do not disrespect or ignore the sacrifices your ancestors have made, or the gifts they have given you. This deep wisdom and understanding will awaken in you, each time you step out in courage and fly wing to wing with the great spirit.

Tomorrow, you will pick up the snake with your talons, and take him high into the sky and release him. In this space, where your true potential lives, the snake will have no power over you.’

The following morning the eagle felt empowered and ready to change his destiny and as he approached the snake, he hissed loudly and immediately sensed this new power in the eagle, but before he could seduce him, the eagle picked up the snake and released him from the top of the mountain.

When the eagle let go, something awakened in him, and as his wings expanded, he flew towards the light of the rising sun and remembered who he was.’

Our limitations are lifted, the moment we step out in courage.  In doing so, our ability to soar is awakened and we will remember who we are.

Karen Lang

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