Running Nowhere

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‘You can run,’ Dorian said in a neutral tone that did nothing to lessen the intensity of his expression,
‘but sooner or later, you run out of places to run to.’

Nalini Singh



Many of us have been running our whole lives.  Constantly feeling the urge to move, either into the future, away from the past, or simply out from wherever we are.

So what are we running from?

My clients often share that facing this moment is too hard, too overwhelming, and the thought of being with their emotions is too much.  This is exactly how I felt when I was grieving.

However, once I felt safe and supported; once I understood I did not need to do this alone, I discovered that my thoughts and my anxiety were an illusion.  I thought that facing my grief or the uncertainty of the future would destroy me, when in fact, it freed me.

The truth is we don’t need to go anywhere but here, and the only reason we are suffering, is our resistance to this truth.  The only reason we are running, is our fear of the unknown.

We all deserve to find this freedom and the actions we need to take – are to choose, find the support we need, and trust in the process..

When we do, we will discover the whole world is right here with us.


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10 thoughts on “Running Nowhere

  1. Such beautiful truth and wisdom in this, dear Karen. Reading this reminded me of just how challenging it can be to live this human experience. We do our very best to remember who we are…and at time, we still get pulled into the heavy emotions that can derail our best efforts to remain centered. That feeling of wanting to run can sometime overwhelm me. And yet, when I stop myself and think about it, I know that wherever I go…there I am. Running serves nothing. Facing myself serves me and support my ongoing growth and evolution. Thank you for this.🙏

    1. You have expressed it beautifully Carrie. Taking the time to pause before we run, will always move us towards freedom. It’s a practice we can do together 🙏🏻💕💚

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