A New World


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“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.
Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t.
And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be.
And what it wouldn’t be, it would.
You see?”
Lewis Carroll



Alice in wonderland reminded me of a few things this morning.


“How puzzling all these changes are?

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”
Lewis Carroll

 How different do you feel?
What has changed in you since Corona-virus arrived?
What thoughts have consumed your mind and what are you doing differently since it started?
Perhaps today, take the time to recognize the changes that have happened to us externally and internally.  Question where you are and where you would like to be in the coming months.  When I take the time to pause and reflect on where I have been and where I am now, it gives me a clearer vision of the future and allows me to become more creative and focused in my situation.

During my time, I have definitely felt fear and uncertainty.

I now have the time to be deeply grateful for my life, my family and all the abundance in it.

I am learning more about myself and seeing my old beliefs and thoughts more clearly.
I have created deeper meditations and time in stillness.

I am taking more walks and sitting more in nature which has allowed a stillness and calm to expand in me. 

Alice teaches us to be curious, child like, creative and open in times of uncertainty. 
Sounds like wisdom to me.
“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”
Lewis Carroll

27 thoughts on “A New World

  1. Wise and thought-provoking as always, Karen. I, too, have been spending a lot of time outdoors. I find that Mother Nature helps to recalibrate my mood and dial back my anxiety. Stay safe…. 💕

    1. Thanks Lori. Glad you are outdoors more during this time. Try this in nature too if you like. Lie face down on your stomach on the grass and breathe out any fear or anxiety out of your abdomen and stomach into the earth and breathe in new energy. Lay there until you feel calm and energised again 🌿☘️🌸It really helps calm our nervous system. 💕

      1. Made me chuckle… this is not for everybody. Where I live now; if I wouldn’t die of pollen allergy, I wd be brought to the asylum…. lying on the grass, now…. 😉🙃🤩
        But of course I see what you mean…. I was just sneezing through this lovely spring day with all the perfume of blossoms, freshly mowed grass, nursing my running nose and scaring the kids with my sneezing…. No virus, “just hayfever”!

      2. Ha! So true Kiki! Interestingly, in my book of Ailments, Hayfever means you are annoyed about something? Maybe being in lock down? And yes every sneeze or cough 😷 is seen as the plague right now. Stay safe and well 🥰🦋

      3. I had hayfever since I did help farmers at the age of 13. It gets better or worse. It has NOTHING to do with annoyance at something. I’m all for interpretations but this is just wrong….. I say we humans are so overprotected from everything (in normal times) that we have not enough resistance. When I lived beside the sea in relatively rural England, I had not a single time a hayfever. Now I believe that nature is gaining momentum….. with nobody interfering greatly at this present time.

      4. I was….. at your ‘symptoms declaration).
        I have studied plenty of books and know about reading symptoms and when I see something like that (and pls don’t take it personally, it’s not against you) I realise how we are (still – with all our wisdom and knowledge) big ignoramus. The times we ‘took a quick judgment of someone or something’ and realised later on – when and after we had more info or insight or simply more compassion – that these judgments were born of us not knowing the person, circumstances, genes, culture, etc…. I’ve become VERY humble and am not ever suggesting something when I’m not absolutely sure that I’m right.
        Love you anyway 😉 Would send you a heart but I write this on the laptop, couldn’t write a ‘novel’ on my smartphone.

  2. Beautiful post, Karen. This reminds me again, that all of our answers are far more simple than we are accustomed to believing they are. The heart of our inner child – the one who loves nature and play – is calling us back to ourselves. 🙏💜

    1. That’s exactly what it is asking of us Carrie! To slow down and see what we couldn’t see in our busyness and distraction. It’s a gift 🥰🦋🥰

  3. Thank you for this Karen. My journey is evolving … and something is making its presence known as I spend more time in nature and watch Spring unfolding outside my window. Someone wrote about the journey of caterpillars to butterflies, and how this time may be our chrysalis….. Now wouldn’t that be one for the imagination 🐛🦋💛

    1. I think that is a beautiful way to see our journey right now Val. It is definitely a time to go inward and be with it all. And I’m certain there will be amazing, strong and colourful butterflies emerging from this unique space in time. 🐛🦋🐛🦋🐛🦋

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