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“Learn to love without conditions.  Talk without bad intention. Give without a reason.  And most of all, care for others without expectation.”


We all have an agenda.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we all have unconscious conditions we place on ourselves and others.

When I am trying to make someone feel good, or want others to know I am right, then I have an agenda.  It may not seem apparent at the time, however, once I become aware of the conditions I place on others, or believe they expect of me, then I can learn how to create more space for growth within me, others and life.

So next time you go to work, call someone, or attend a social event, check in on yourself.

“What am I hoping to achieve in this situation?

“Am I open and neutral about this event or person?”

“Am I expecting a certain reaction from this person?”

“What happens if I let go, remain open, listen and allow it to unfold naturally?”

Agenda is just another word for ‘control and control is just another word for ‘fear’ so let’s learn to drop the agenda’s and see how life unfolds naturally without our help!


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Love and Truth have no conditions or Agenda’s

18 thoughts on “Agenda’s

  1. You mean get out of my own way and drop the expectations? After all the work I did on them…polished, arranged and displayed them to their best angle? 😀
    I remember those times, a lifetime ago it seems now. And don’t worry, they still tap me on the shoulder to see if I’ve lapsed dear lady 😀

  2. Wonderful, yet simple message. I experience this as another version of peeling the layers off of the metaphorical onion. We think we’ve got it until…another layer presents itself, which they always do, if we take time to reflect. And sometimes, there are tears…of sadness over a specific moment when we didn’t make our highest choice. Another layer… Thank you, Karen. I will attune my awareness of this. Great reminder. 🙏🏻💕

  3. Fascinating post, Karen. I think we are so frequently pushed by society, often subconsciously, to “have a plan” that we end up setting agendas for situations that really don’t require them. Lately I’ve been focused on believing in myself and listening to my heart, which has translated to dropping the agenda. And ya know what? I am *much happier.* (And that’s due in no small part to our conversations….😘😘)

    1. Yes so true Lori. It’s not until we drop the agendas that we realise how light and free we are! It makes me very happy you are finding this inner happiness! 👏💚 keep up the good work girlfriend 😘

  4. Urge to control comes from fear. You are absolutely right. In this life filled with uncertainty, it is difficult to not be afraid even when we have no real reason to believe everything will be fine. But what we tend to forget is that how little we are able to control anyway. Sometimes something big happens to our life and we realize how little power we had all along to control things.

    Nice post, Karen. Even commenting on your post makes me think some useful thoughts 💖

    1. Your comments are always welcome here! It’s true, life is often showing us we are not in control and so even more reason to be present and aware of our thoughts and actions. ✨💕

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