Soul Surgery

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Semi-Rad Cartoons



This cartoon could sum up the human life. 

There are many times along our journey, when we are asked to do something about our situation, the planet, our health, to make changes, to make an appointment with the doctor, tell our loved ones we love them, talk about our death, believe we are going to die, plant a tree, sit in silence, seek wisdom and healing. 

The list goes on…..And so, why is it that we only seem to learn or finally make changes when it’s too late? 

What drives us to ignore life before we say Oops?….F….!!  Oh that’s right, should of done something about that.  Could of, Should of, why didn’t I?

Plant a tree

Spend time in nature and love her dearly

Tell your loved ones you love them

Have Soul Surgery and Healing

Look after your health

You are going to die, so prepare

Sit in silence each day

Be here now….

22 thoughts on “Soul Surgery

    1. It is a quandary David I know, and the more I understand the impermanence of it all, including me! The more I live fully in this beautiful moment. Happy planting. 🎄🌳☘🍀🌲

  1. Ha, agree this comic really could sum up life 🙂 A little more action today can go a long way to tomorrow ~ wishing you a great week ahead, Karen!

  2. Well said. I have been asking myself lately what if you only had two years left to live? What would you be spending time on? Although I have no indicators that my life will be over that soon, it could be. And I don’t want to waste it. Thanks for the reminder.

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