Are you Happy?

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“Happiness cannot be found through great effort and willpower, because it is already here, in relaxation and letting go.” – Lama Gendun Rinpoche

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How often have we said to ourselves, “I will be happy when…”  But when is when? And when we get there, are we happy? and if not, notice how we grasp onto another idea of happiness or another goal, in another time frame, convinced this will the one.

When we feel overwhelmed in the searching of happiness, wishing that life was different or wishing we could be somewhere else, use this beautiful ritual by Tara Brach, which calls us back to this moment and where happiness always resides.


R.A.I.N (After the rain we feel refreshed and present)

Recognise – The reaction you are having.  What feelings are coming up for you in this moment?

Allow –   Can I allow these feelings to be here within me?

Investigate – What’s really going on in you? Investigate you body.  Where do you feel this pain or emotion? Notice the thoughts you are having, why are they here now?  Is this a pattern?

Nurture – Be with these feelings, emotions and fears with love, acceptance and kindness. Have compassion for yourself.  What do you need?

“Who am I when nothing is missing or nothing is wrong?”

Meditate on this question for a few moments.

“Whatever arises in the mind
has no real importance,
for it has no lasting reality.
Don’t be attached to it;
don’t identify with it and
don’t pass judgment upon it.
Without changing or manipulating anything
let the entire game of life happen on its own,
springing up and falling back like waves;
everything vanishes and reappears,
magically without end.

Our searching for happiness
prevents us from “Being it”
like rainbows that we pursue
without ever catching.
What is real already exists and is
always here…….”  GENDUN RINPOCHE

18 thoughts on “Are you Happy?

  1. Excellent post

    Most think happiness is attached to success or approval or status or power

    These coveted things can also bring suffering and pain

  2. Love this post, Karen! I’ve made some discoveries in this realm lately…suddenly realizing that I’m happy. Happy right in this moment.

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