The Wilderness Within

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“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”
John Muir


Richard Wagamese died last year at the young age of 61yrs.  His wisdom calls us to listen deeply, and to know the wilderness within us.


My body is a wilderness.  To understand this, I need to inhabit it.

I need to contemplate, meditate, and reflect on it, just as I need to feed, water and exercise it for optimum fulfillment. 

When I do that, when I allow myself to fully inhabit my body, I come to understand it as a wilderness; as a wild mix of sunlight and water, blood, bone and minerals, humus from oaks and pines, the residual dreams of my ancestors, the sound of the songs on a distant hill.  Of drums and petitions to creation. 

Of wolf songs and the random particles of exploded stars.

When I know my body in this way, I know myself and can celebrate the immense miracle of my being. 

Yoga gives me that.  So does breath work.  Silence. Ceremony, and my feet planted softly on the skin of Mother Earth.

Richard Wagamese

23 thoughts on “The Wilderness Within

  1. Awesome and brilliant words so well composed by Richard and I so agree with his words of only wisdom and reality, Karen. The picture says it all, it feels as if I am standing there along in my silence in the wilderness.

      1. I often do yoga by this beautiful girl on utube. Yoga with Adrienne. She has so many yoga classes to choose from and you can start slowly by finding the right one you. It’s sometimes painful and tight to do but overtime you will relax and open into it and find your mind does too. 💚💕

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