The Law of Ayni

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”There is no ‘I’, no ‘you’, it is only Infinite Presence, Awareness.”


The Andean tradition is extremely flexible and, above all, spacious. It has structure, but no rigid rules and dogmas.

Therefore, only one commandment or moral rule exists in the Q’ero tradition: the law of Ayni – the sacred art of reciprocity.

Ayni is simply a reflection of the reality that exists in the energy world, where everything is mutually connected and interrelated. Ayni is therefore simply a description of reality and seeks to remind us of our innate abilities as co-creators of our world.

In its extreme, Ayni is about creating, or even recreating, the basic peace and joy the world exists by.

The law of Ayni is a multifaceted concept. But, put simply: “When you give something, you are entitled to get something back, and when you get something you have an obligation to reciprocate and give something back.” When the Q’ero call it the sacred art of recipro- city, it is because they want to bring the energy back to the divine – to that which is One.

Ayni is more than that, however. It is about lifting each other up to higher levels so that everyone grows. It is about sharing, so all have what they need. It is about sharing knowledge and wisdom so that humanity grows and harmony is strength- ened. Ayni is a form of equality. But it is an equality that lifts all at the same time to ever-higher common heights, instead of pulling some up and others down so that all, in time, meet in the middle and stay there.

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When we learn to practice the understanding of Ayni in our thoughts, words and actions each day.  We begin to know how to love and support ourselves in this world and to share that with everyone we meet.

18 thoughts on “The Law of Ayni

  1. The ancients knew a thing or two 💛
    In our modern individualistic and capitalist societies, it seems so difficult to embrace. But I hope we can learn!

  2. This law has lots of wisdom. The world would be a much more peaceful place if we all lived accordingly. Thank you ❤

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