Alone is “All One”

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Abundance is not something we acquire.  It is something we tune into.  – Wayne Dyer



You are a part of Source, with all the power of Source to create galaxies

If you are aware of something, you are creating it

If you are experiencing something, you chose it

If you wish to experience something different, choose differently

You create more of what you like by appreciating what you like

You create more of what you want by imagining what you want and expecting it

There is nothing you cannot be, nothing you cannot change.


“Be still and know the mystery of stillness

Be empty and know the fullness of emptiness

Let the thoughts and desires pass through, the awareness like clouds passing across the wide open sky

Let the feeling of alone-ness overtake….Alone is ‘all one’

Be nothing, be no-one, just for awhile

Empty of thoughts of the past, empty of longing for the future

Be here now, just for awhile

Just be in the middle



Not too tight, not too loose.

Just be a witness, if only for awhile.

Bill Woolam



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