Gratitude grows Happiness

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Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste. – Charlotte Bronte


Gratitude is scientifically proven to boost our happiness and well-being.

Imagine if each of us wrote a note of appreciation to someone we care about once a week?

A text, an email, a message of FB.  There are many ways to do it, and it only takes 5 minutes out of our day.

Pain, anger, revenge and hate will always be in the world.  Let’s grow gratitude.  Each of us can spread this message and make a difference.

Image result for pictures of gratitude hearts

28 thoughts on “Gratitude grows Happiness

  1. I love this, Karen, and have been doing it from time to time (basically whenever I think of it) over the course of the past year. The response has been interesting, and largely amazing. People are generally so grateful to be appreciated, but more than that seemingly thrilled that someone took the time to give voice to his or her gratitude. I will never, ever forget riding the subway in Boston and having a total stranger walk up and tell me that I had a really nice smile and the fact that I had turned it on him had made his day. And *that* made my day (right after I stopped crying… 😉 ) Thanks for the reminder to take a few minutes and make someone’s day. And by the way, I *love* your new blog theme–it’s gorgeous…. 🙂 Lori

    1. Thankyou for sharing this beautiful example of gratitude Lori. We need to receive it and it doesn’t take much to be kind to others. We never know how much someone may need it. Thankyou for being here. 💚

    2. I agree … all those little acts of service such as the bus driver, the girl in the supermarket, the hair-dresser … it is amazing how it makes their day with a simple ‘thank you’ and a smile.

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