A Blank Sheet

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou

 Rabbi Elisha Ben Abuyah words:

“Those who are open to life’s lessons and who nurture no prejudices are like a blank sheet of paper on which the Divine writes his words with divine ink.

“Those who are always looking on the world with cynicism and prejudice are like a sheet of paper already written upon and on which there is no room for new words.

“Don’t bother about what you already know, or what you don’t know. Don’t think about the past or the future, just let the divine hands write down each day the surprises of the present.”

Often in life, we believe we know our story so well, that we write it all down way before we know how it unfolds, leaving no room for new experiences.

When we create a blank piece of paper in life, open to new ideas, twists and turns and new unfolding paths to learn from, we may be surprised how our life unfolds next, and perhaps experience more abundance and happiness than we could ever imagine.

35 thoughts on “A Blank Sheet

  1. I think I’m an open-minded person, but definitely only a half open to new things, perspectives or ideas. You most certainly an outstanding eye-opener to us.

  2. To be willing to open a “blank page” takes courage. We are creatures of habit that find comfort in patterned living even if this lifestyle becomes self destructive.

    Finding a “safe place” to open a blank page in life creates opportunity for self discovery; a first step toward finding a chosen new path in life.

    Truly an inspiring post.

  3. Great point to remember. The Hawaiians call this to ‘huli the bowl.’ They say all day we collect stones. At the day’s end, we turn the bowl over so that on the morrow, we begin fresh. Aloha. Great post.

  4. Karen Im all about the practice of learning new skills, sometimes its planned and sometimes when I am open, opportunities present themselves, ones I may never have thought possible.

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