This is a beautiful story of honor and love.  The picture of these surgeons and medical staff bowing before this young boy Liang, who died of a brain tumor, moved me deeply and reminded me of my own son who donated his organs at nine years.  May we always remember to bow our heads and honor those who have the courage to keep giving, even after death.

Liang was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of nine, just after he moved to Shenzhen to join his brother and sister, and to attend primary school.

Before passing away on June 6, Liang told his mother, Li Qun, that he wanted to donate his organs.

“There are many people doing great things in the world,” he said.

CCTV News reported that Liang also said it was also a chance for him to be “alive in another way.”

Liang’s mother honored his wishes and doctors were able to save his kidney and liver for donation.  The medical staff bow before him as a sign of honor for his gifts.

Source:  http://imgur.com/Qli92HD

34 thoughts on “Honor

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. Karen. Sad that the young boy had to die, but he went out with such love and generosity. I am touched that the medical staff honored him in that way. Thank you Karen, my friend.

  2. I think this is another example that reinforces the message that each of us has gifts we can share with the world if we choose to. This is a beautiful picture demonstrating respect and appreciation regardless of age, gender or race of the individual. A lesson to be learned by all.

  3. Humbling and thank your beautiful son for giving others the gift of life. This photograph speaks so eloquently as to how we should treat others all the time, with respect. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Oh my Karen, this touched me deeply, with tears in my eyes. Big hugs to you and to all whom are so incredibly giving and who leave behind such a legacy of love. God bless your son and all who donate themselves to helping others. xo

  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing this Karen. As a mum it has been tragic for you to loose your son so young, but a great maturity and strength has risen from within you to be a wonderful blessing to others, by reaching for the treasure in the trial, and enriching us all through your blog.

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