I am Grateful

I found a poem that I wrote a few years after my son died and I wanted to share it today.



I am grateful for moments, because they can be taken from you at anytime.

I am grateful for stillness, because busyness made me forget what was important.

I am grateful for love, because it has always healed my wounds.

I am grateful for knowledge, because now I understand how precious life is.

22 thoughts on “I am Grateful

  1. I am grateful for so many things but tonight, after being on a 10-hour flight from madrid, spain to chicago, Ill,I am grateful for my health and resilience that allows me to be strong in spirit after such an ordeal and ready to get on another 4.5 hour flight to Seattle later this evening. grateful for family giving us a soft landing at the other end of this trip. Much love and gratitude, Ivan, alia

    1. That is a very long journey for you! To find gratefulness no matter what our circumstances are is how we begin to appreciate and love every moment we are given. Thankyou for stopping by and for your comment. 🙂

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