Over the years I have been asked a lot of questions about what “Reiki” therapy is and what it does.  Most people have thought it was a massage of some kind, a type of yoga or even perhaps some cult therapy.  I wanted to take this opportunity to explain what it is.

Reiki, pronounced ‘ray-key’, is a natural form of healing therapy. It is applied through non-invasive healing through the hands over the chakras in your body that hold energy.  This form of therapy aims to increase energy levels and promote relaxation and wellbeing.

The underlying philosophy of Reiki is that if a person’s ‘life force energy’ is low, they are more likely to be unwell or stressed.  If it is high, however, they are more capable of being happy and feeling well.  Having Reiki regularly while you are out of balance will help restore your health and help your body to heal.  Reiki can do no harm.

Reiki is not a religion – there is nothing you have to believe in to use or receive Reiki. Reiki is not an ‘alternative’ therapy – it is a ‘complementary’ therapy in that it works alongside other medical and therapeutic techniques.

History of Reiki
The literal translation of Reiki, from the Japanese, is ‘spiritual energy’. It is also known in the West as ‘universal life force energy’, the energy found in all things.

Reiki aims to rebalance the body’s energy flow.  Practitioners explain this by comparing the body’s energy to a river.  Our energy should flow easily down through the body. Occasionally, a pebble, or even a rock, will fall into that river and make the flow of the water a little more difficult.  These pebbles are human worries, fears and anger and sickness.  Each pebble builds on top of the other.  Soon there is only a trickle of water running in that once free-flowing river.

At this point, stress or physical pain may be felt.  A Reiki treatment aims to help the body rebalance its own energy.

Trapped emotional energy will always lodge somewhere in the physical body, often causing pain or disease.  The body tissues vibrate the trapped energy and will always hold the wounds of the past.  In other words, those tissues will actually be experiencing that emotional vibration on a continual basis, even though the experience has long gone.

This is why, when a trapped emotion is released through Reiki, there is often an immediate disappearance of pain or discomfort, because the tissues are allowed to return to a more balanced state.

Reiki can contribute to a person’s wellbeing by making them feel:

  • Relaxed and less pain
  • Peaceful and have more clarity
  • More energetic

I have been blest to see some wonderful changes and healings in my clients both physically and emotionally over the years and it is a gift to be apart of this process.

There are wonderful alternate therapies available to us now, so seek out Therapists that you have been recommended by, feel drawn to and that have a good history with their clients.

When you are guided to the right teacher, you will begin to heal the wounds of your past and allow the flow of love and abundance into every aspect of your life.




4 thoughts on “Reiki

  1. Hello friend
    Thank you for explaining reiki…I guess I must have a degree of readiness or willingness to hear and accept what you are saying as true. I know I am in the early stages of listening to my body and how it has been affected by abuse and violence from my early childhood and adolescent period of my life. Again thanks for helping me have a basic understanding now on the benefits of reiki and how it can be a help and aid in my own healing journey to release those trapped negative emotions that are stored in my body. You are truly a safe and nurturing woman.

    1. You amaze me all the time. In facing the pain and discomfort from your past, somehow your soul keeps calling you to respond differently and at times you are able to see beyond this and see the truth.

      The more you practice this, the more you will walk towards healing and peace.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, it is true that we really need to increase the positive energy of our body so we can perform even the healing of others. I never doubted this kind of way or practice because we are all form of energy that we just don’t know how to use it properly.

    1. Thanks Jason for your comments. I am beginning to understand the same thought, when we know that we are naturally “pure energy” and love then we do not need to increase our energy, but rather, need to let go of energy that no longer serves us and keeps us from allowing spaciousness. Understanding now that “I AM” all and do not need to connect or look outside myself for answers is difficult for me to digest at times!

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