“I am Enough”

“We cultivate love,  when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness and affection, our love can survive these injuries and heal.”   – Brene Brown

I loved this video of Brene Brown because from a deep understanding of self, she is able to help us connect and know that no matter where we are on this journey, no matter how painful or lonely it seems, “We are enough” and we are always “Worthy of love and connection.”



9 thoughts on ““I am Enough”

  1. Thank you for your Gifts of God you are giving back to us who are walking thru this unresolved emotional traumas from the past. I am seeing and learning only now that the Gifts of God are better than the gifts of ego. It’s taken me a long time to see this.

  2. Thanks for brene browns ted talk and the idea of being vulnerable is not easy for me either. However I have been confused between spiritual strength and spiritual weakness and being vulnerable for me breaks the back of that toxic shame that makes me belief that I am bot enough. That to me is the direction of true spiritual strength and authentic spirutual power… Thanks for being a instrument of the light.

    1. Thanks Rick, no-one likes to be vulnerable, as it often conjures up a belief of “weakness”, when infact, it’s our strength.
      It takes time to believe and know we are good enough, so be patient and kind to yourself.

  3. Yes I had been confused for years between spiritual weakness and spiritual strength…thank god for the awakening process so I won’t keep fooling myself. And yes I am learning to become more loving and tolerant with myself. Simple but not easy right now. Thanks again for being a bright light for me..

      1. Keep moving forward Rick. If you are living in the past pain or the future fear, you are not living “now’ present to this moment
        and the gift of healing. You are making good steps to help yourself, so never give up hope or trust that
        the universe will provide you with the right teachers and directions for your life. Practice stillness and learn to accept all
        that has been and let it go.


      2. Ok friend
        I will practice stillness and getting into today more fully. Then back to myself into the here and now. I am learning this stuff sounds simple but not so easy to do. But I press on and press into to feel .

  4. Sounds good thanks for being a nurturing and healing presence for me. That is worth a lot to me. Safety is a real big issue for me to open up to people. Thanks

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