A different path

Pic: James Wheeler/Pexel

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

― Confucious

For all those who have faced the loss of a loved one.

Still, thinking of you, I sometimes play a game.
What if we had walked a different path one day,
Would some small incident have nudged us elsewhere
The way a pebble tossed into a brook
Might change the course a hundred miles downstream?

The trick is making memory a blessing,
To learn by loss the cool subtraction of desire,
Of wanting nothing more than what has been,
To know the past forever lost, yet seeing
Behind the wall a garden still in blossom.

The Lost Garden – Dana Gioia

14 thoughts on “A different path

  1. Dear Karen, to be able to find such beauty in something so powerful as that grief takes great heart. I’ve touched it at times but I cannot compare to your journey, it would take you somewhere so profoundly painful…but in doing so, with much time, I think a heart see’s differently, more profoundly…because of that depth. I think your garden is indeed a beautiful place kind lady, thank you for sharing the courage and love you have found within it ❤️🙏🏽

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