Meet the Sacred

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The sacred is not in some far away land or in heaven. 

The sacred is all around us and in creating small and sacred rituals, we can connect to its presence. 

In this space we will meet the sacred in ourselves and each other.



In shamanism, there is a rite of passage called a ‘Vision Quest.’  The ritual requires the shaman to spend a few days alone in the forest, without water, without food, and without protection.  At some point during their time in the forest, they cross a portal and receive a vision and the wisdom for the world and for themselves.  It is received easily because they are on sacred land and have faced their fears, and their vulnerabilities being alone in the forest.

A vision quest can happen in our modern world also. 

Creating small and sacred rituals each day is a start.  When we take the time to become aware of everything we do during the day, we meet the sacred, even in the smallest tasks.

Fill a jug of water in the morning, add some slices of lemon and place your hand over the jug and the water and thank Mother Earth, Gaia for this life filled energy.  Throughout the day as you pour the water in your glass, be grateful for each mouthful and for this gift of clean water.

Before you eat, pause and place your hand over your food and say a prayer of thanks and blessings for the abundance you have and for the food you are eating.  Become present to each mouthful you take.

When you exercise outside or inside, become aware of everything around you.  If you are outside see the sky above you, the trees and land you are walking on.  Pause along your path as your exercise and be grateful for fresh air, for your body, your health and your ability to exercise.

Spend time in stillness, listening for what you need.  Acknowledging what you have ignored for so long.  Ask to be shown what needs to be seen.

Establish a routine each day to meet the sacred in everything you do, and I promise, the sacred will meet you.


20 thoughts on “Meet the Sacred

  1. Hello Karen Hope you are well. As I write on The 25th of April 2020 1.36 ~ 1.39 AM am having Healing Energy in My Left Hand. So know that Your are Being Blessed with Healing Energy for Good Health and Prosperity. Much Loving Thoughts from me. Have Faith and Hope ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. I haven’t been taking the time to be thankful, just started in the last few days. My mindset and my energy improved since remembering to acknowledge my thankfulness.

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