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What is the greatest risk?

Letting go of what people think?

or letting go of how I feel, what I believe or who I think I am?

Brene Brown



The biggest shift I had in life was the moment I understood, ‘I was not in control.’

I wasn’t going down without a fight though!  and it took the death of my son for me to face my deepest vulnerability, and to understand, this is the most precious space for healing.

Control is just another name for fear, and I had plenty of it.  I convinced myself each day I could control most circumstances and for most of the time, it worked.

However, to remember we are human and vulnerable, we have to let go of our ego and all the stories we have attached to it.

Never easy, I know.  But in the avoidance of it, we lose the deepest connection to ourselves, life and to those we love.

Deep down we all know what it takes to be vulnerable.  To admit, ‘Hey, I don’t know what to do and I need help’ or ‘I have decided to face my pain, my loss, my shadow self and I am willing to risk it all to find the answers, and my pathway to heal.’

That is the true meaning of courage, of strength, of power and the meaning of life.

And so next time, we shrug something off, or convince ourselves it’s not important or can wait another day, think again.

Because no one is guaranteed tomorrow, or the chance to change our life in this moment.



My latest podcast on vulnerability:



26 thoughts on “Vulnerability

  1. One of the hardest lessons to learn. Like a difficult complicated birth. But then the relief and rewards are worth it.

  2. Karen…your podcast offered even more depth to the message in your post. Thank you. I appreciate your emphasis on the honoring of our individual needs/boundaries when we are feeling our most vulnerable. It reminded me of another of Brene Brown’s messages; to share with those who have earned the right to know the deepest and most vulnerable parts of ourselves. Self trust – fundamental to knowing whom we can trust with our deepest vulnerabilities. It is such an important part of our healing journey.

  3. Fear of pain cuts us off from life. There really is no ‘protecting’ oneself from it, so I suppose learning how to roll through life’s ups and downs is the best use of our energy.
    Always grateful to you, Karen! ❤

  4. Wise words! I was raised by a mother who wanted perfection and I’m constantly trying to override that voice. It’s the voice that makes you not attempt anything because perfection isn’t possible. There’s freedom in overcoming it, but it’s still a daily thing I focus on deliberately.

    1. Perfection is the opposite of vulnerability and it’s such a tough gig to conquer! I found, rather than deliberately trying to do the opposite, allow what feels soft in you to arise, what feels uncomfortable in you to arise. Don’t use your mind to control either? This advice is from an ex-perfectionist ha! 💕💕

    1. I know what you mean! There are so many layers of vulnerability, so many layers of us to discover! and I think it feels new because we are unfolding yet another aspect and another vulnerability within to grow. And that never ends Ka 🤭🌈💚

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