Empty It All

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“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water.”
Bruce Lee



As I step into 2020, I have but one intention. To allow my life to flow like the river. 

To practice emptying my busy thoughts and ideas of how it should be, or might have been, and allow the formless, shapeless, essence of life, to move where it needs to, in the best interests of everyone. 

To practice again and again to be the watcher of life, noting my need to control or contract in certain situations, or note my disappointment when life moves in a different way than I imagined.

 And in this place, let go and release, let go and release, and sit in the stillness, seeing the perfection of life, the precise timing of life, the miracle of life and its ability like me, to renew itself again and again, and to trust, I am exactly where I need to be for now….

until life begins to flow again easily, and reveal the next corner. 

Happy 2020 Everyone  ✨🌈✨🌟🌈✨🌈 

39 thoughts on “Empty It All

  1. I admire your equanimity, Karen, and will strive to emulate it in the new year, Thank you for your warmth and generosity of spirit…you are a blessing in my life. Happy New Year! 😘

  2. An important and timely reminder. In the new year I also wish to get out of my own way. My need to control, to micromanage has so far done me little good….I wish to let life flow through me. Have a great new year Karen and keep sharing your wonderful, profound wisdom.

    1. Thank you Heather! It has been devastating for so many people. It is mostly under control now and there are beautiful blue skies again which everyone is grateful for. Happy 2020 to you and may love and abundance follow you always 🌈✨💕🌈💚

  3. Your post reminded me of last year’s 2018 New Years, when I found a parking spot next to a sign that said “You are exactly where you are meant to be.” I took a picture of it. I agreed.

    I am doing two seemingly contradicting things at once but non-dualistically. I am sculpting the matter of my mind while I become aware of, and emptying my thoughts, draining and generating, clearing and building. It’s like I’m in my garden, and I see I weed, so I pull it, but also plant 🌱 a seedling where the “hole” is. Or whole.

    Wishing you the Emptiness and the Vastness that is the Freedom within openness to All that Is! Happy New Year! Thank you for being here! 🌟💖🌟

    1. Thank you Ka! A beautiful example of how we can create a flowing pathway into 2020! A continuous practice of learning for us all. Many blessings to you and the year ahead. ✨🌈💕✨

  4. This sounds like a beautiful intention! My word for the year is “Now” as a reminder to be in this moment. Which I think makes it easier to let things flow . . . Happy New Year!

  5. What a lovely intention, Karen…may you feel yourself in the flow in little and big ways in 2020! Please know that you inspire flow in my life – thank you for sharing your heart with us.

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