Mirror Mirror

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“I could tell you my adventures—beginning from this morning,” said Alice a little timidly; “but it’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”
Lewis Carroll.  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and through the Looking Glass


Who were you yesterday?  Do you remember?  You may have been sad, playful, angry, happy or just bored.

Does it matter?

Often we live only remembering what isn’t right in ourselves or others, and with practice, we condition ourselves to believe this story as the truth. 

“She always does this!”  “I could never do what he does.”  “It will never happen!”  “She will never change!”  “This will always be my life?”

When I am aware of the stories I tell myself, I begin to see how I have stopped creating space to believe in possibilities, miracles and transformation.

Everyday the world begins again, so perhaps we need to practice doing the same, and allow space for change in ourselves and others.

“‎You’re not the same as you were before,” he said. You were much more… muchier… you’ve lost your muchness.”
Lewis Carroll.  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and through the Looking Glass

21 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror

  1. Your posts often echo my life – amazing how that happens! I had a big ‘aha’ revelation today that definitely has happily changed a dim view I had been holding. ❤

  2. Can’t begin to say how much I love this, Karen! It’s getting printed and posted where I can read regularly and remind myself, when needed, that each day breaks clean and full of possibilities. Thank you! 🙏🏻 😘😘

  3. Great post, Karen. I’m reminded that the “outer reflects the inner” and the power of the mirror of others…so we see what we have to see in order to heal what we still hold or believe that prevents our evolution. 🙏🏻💕

  4. You always seem to write on a timely topic for me, Karen:). Kismet. This week, I’ve been trying to stay exactly in the moment–not ahead, not behind. And I’m finding myself ever so much happier as a result. I think it’s because most of our stories exist in the past or the future, but not this very moment. Hugs to you.

      1. It really has made a huge difference in my mental and emotional state this week :-). But you’re right. It does take effort. I had a feeling that you had already mastered this :-).

      2. No! Definitely not a master! Ha but a very disciplined student. I’m so glad you have felt a difference too, it makes my heart happy 👏💚💕

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