Inner Beauty

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“Beauty does not indeed lie in things, but in the feeling we give to them.” Carl Jung



We all know the saying, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,” which means each of us has to feel this beauty within, in order to see it.

Recognizing and feeling the small beautiful things in life, is Tai Chi for the soul.

However, I think it’s a daily practice that needs to be cultivated.  When I am busy and stressed, I will not feel the wisdom that the ancient tree holds within her, or hear the bird that lands gently on the branch and sings to my soul.

Growing up, I never appreciated nature like I do now.  I loved the beach and playing outside, but to see and feel nature like Mary Oliver expresses it, has only grown by spending time in it.

If I don’t know you, and I don’t know me, then how can I feel deeply about anyone or anything? Why does my heart expand when I see a garden full of spring colors? Or why does my heart soften when I see someone embarrassed and unable to express themselves to others?

It’s only because I have spent time getting to know myself and nature deeply.  Learning to feel and connect to this infinite beauty within others and in nature is a practice and a gift.

Everyone and everything in life deserves to feel this love. 

20 thoughts on “Inner Beauty

  1. Sitting here in front of my picture window. I’ve hung a hummingbird needed and just filled it for the day. As I read and type, I keep looking up to see them zip in, sip, and zip away. Beauty indeed!

  2. Beautiful and very true Karen 🙂
    We need to search to find and learn to look for the beauty in our daily life. It does also help to think at gratefulness in the evening, as what do I have to be grateful for today?

  3. Beautiful Karen. Be sure to check out

    You may ask, Who are you to show me what beauty is, where it is, and what it can do? What the hell do I know? I haven’t gotten out of my pajamas today, and I drank too much coffee, and I’m just trying to keep my head above the drowning water of all the negative thoughts, so what can I tell you about how people are and about beauty and about the way the world is? I can’t. But I can share my journey.

    Jennifer Pastiloff, On Being Human: Waking Up, Living Real, & Listening Hard (Dutton, 2019)

    On Being Human: A Memoir of Waking Up, Living Real, and Listening Hard

  4. Karen, Well said.
    Things and people are beautiful in themselves whether there is or is not anyone to see them. For they are unique in their being and purpose. Although two blades of grass are of the same species are they not still individual and distinct? I believe all see the same beauty in things and so appreciate them in like kind. Some just choose not to admit it.

    1. “Everyone is unique in their being and purpose, whether they are seen or not!” So true, Alan. Each of us have a choice to see this in one another. Thank you 🙏🏻

  5. Amen to that, Karen. I’ve been fortunate to live in great natural surroundings most of my life. But sadly, I’m not as versed in my interior landscape as my outer. A work in progress! 😉

    1. I don’t think you should separate the two Eliza. When you are immersed and love working in the outer garden, you are definitely working the inner garden too! You just may not see it as clearly! 💚💕🌺

  6. Karen; it’s so true what you write. I always appreciated nature because as children, we were taught to love it, my father was a carpenter and roofer, plus an incredibly talented toy maker, my mum grew up on a small farm with many siblings and much work but little money. So, we learned early to appreciate the goodness of nature and the hard(ish) work we had to do when visiting: Weeding, collecting fruit, cleaning up the flower beds…. But also, I believe we appreciate all of it so much more when we’re older and wiser, have had some time to think about things, have let them work in our souls…..

    1. Your parents grounded you in beautiful life skills Kiki! 🌸 When you learn this very young, you always live closely to truth and connection. Thank you for sharing! 💕

  7. I totally agree that when we are stressed, we fail to see the connection. I have recently been through a phase like that. Trying to climb out of it now.

    1. When we are in a difficult place it always feels like it will never pass, but I find if I accept the emotions that have arrived in me and nurture them, and learn to move them through with meditation or breath work, it always passes. I hope you find this Piro.

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