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Pema Chodron writes, “My teacher Trungpa Ripoche encouraged us to lead our lives as an experiment.  When we approach life as an experiment, we are willing to try it, this way or that way, because either way, we have nothing to lose.

When things don’t work out or go the way we planned, our attitude should be “no big deal.”  If it’s time for something to flourish it will, if it’s not time, it won’t.”

If we expect a certain outcome in every part of life, we will only set ourselves up for stress and disappointment, and so, the trick is to go forth with passion, but also with flexibility and openness.  Anything can happen at anytime, including losing the WIFI!! ha so if we stay alert and flexible in every moment, we will not let change affect us.


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18 thoughts on “Attachment

  1. Although I’m sure this is kind of a joke, it gave me food for thoughts…. It is true, more than anything, we get set up if the WiFi is getting cut! That’s so NOT good!

    1. I agree Kiki it is the truth, and it’s good to experiment and question, “What am I attached too?” “Can I let go and try another way of being?” 💕💚

      1. I do what I can on my side. I limit myself to not sitting at the computer/smartphone/iPad too long, not checking my mails all the time…..

  2. Great lesson Karen! It made me smile to realize that I’m lucky to live with someone who immediately freaks out when the WiFi is down…. and gets it fixed asap for both of us. 😉

    1. Lucky you Val! It’s life as we know it in 2019 😎 but you also know the value and the balance of yoga and deep stillness, and that makes all the difference! 💕💚

  3. Loved this post. The trick is to go forth with passion but also keep an open mind for any outcome. Often we do something passionately and become result- oriented, or when we are not so sure about our success we put in a half-hearted effort.

    I am not so sure about the cracked phone screen though. Couple of weeks back I dropped my new phone and found a crack. I have been checking since then if the crack is propagating 😊

    1. I’m certain you would be fine without it too David! 👏 We lived in Tuscany many years ago in a small village that hardly ever had internet, and we all survived very well. We learned to be with each other more and we walked and talked more. It was a gift for our family 🙏🏻

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