What are you Carrying?

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“Imagine life as a journey, and you’re only allowed so many things in your backpack. What are you going to carry with you? Do the things you carry sustain you in some way?”
Sheba Karim,

John O’Donohue writes about a time he had in Moycullen Ireland, where he was giving a sermon about how we shouldn’t get waylaid; and how our journeys shouldn’t get falsified, trying to carry the world on our shoulders and at the end of the sermon he reminds the congregation that we can take nothing with us when we die. 

Afterwards John was up at the local shop and one of the neighbors approached him and said, “I liked your sermon today John” and added, “Do you know the saying we have around here?”  “You never see a trailer after a hearse.”

John O’Donohue “Walking on the pastures of Wonder” (In conversation with John Quinn)

Life is a constant movement, but if we are carrying burdens from our past, or feel responsible for carrying the burdens of others in some way, then life will always feel slow and heavy.

20 thoughts on “What are you Carrying?

  1. A beautiful post. There are so many negative emotions we carry that weigh us down. Sometimes I remember some past incident which happened long long time back and I still find myself experiencing sadness or anger over it. I don’t know how to release it. Often the anger is no more directed towards the person who wronged me (or as I perceived it). But I feel angry or sad whenever I think about it. I understand exactly what you mean when you say these burdens make us feel slow and heavy about our life. I feel it myself.

  2. Thank you Karen ❣️When the mind recognizes it, we can begin to let go of the burden. For me, I have let go intellectually, and have forgiven the lack of mothering in the past. As long as I live my life as I wish, I feel healthy, light and free. My body, on the other hand has held onto the emotional hurt and tension from trying to be someone else who fits into my parents ideal.
    I am about to go on vacation with my mother for a river cruise in the Netherlands to see the bulb fields and windmills. It’s a lovely idea to celebrate her 87th birthday.
    I’ve been experiencing tension in my neck and shoulders over the past couple of weeks and more recently acute pain in my left arm, neck and shoulder. A massage has helped, and tomorrow I have acupuncture with a healer and friend.
    It takes such a lot to be in her presence and to counterbalance the ignorance and criticism of me and the world around her…. while being compassionate and kind towards this asleep woman who gave birth to me.
    My mantra will be… let go of judgement, open my heart, lighten up and join in.
    Any other words of wisdom?

    1. Thank you so much for sharing so deeply Val. The tension on your left side and in your neck is your resistance to ‘what has’ been in the past and to ‘what is’ right now in your relationship with your Mum. You are right, your mind and your spirit know the truth, that this is not who you are anymore or who you wish to be in the future, but our body never ever lies and so is showing you, you are still holding this pain and memory of their conditions on you. Their conditions placed on you were rigid and inflexible and that is what you still feel within, believing you cannot be free to be yourself or stop believing their conditions. Of course I would love to do some deep healing with you over Viber if you are interested. It doesn’t take long to heal these wounds and it is a gift to know you can have this freedom immediately. You are definitely ready to let this go. Email me if you are keen 🙏🏻

      1. Thank you dear Karen. 💕The anticipation of reconnecting with my family always brings tension. I aim to be present and centered in my own sense of being. Lets see how this time goes. I will connect when I get back home 🙏

    2. Perfect Val 💚 and you will know when you have healed this within, because you will not feel tension in your body or your mind when you are with them. Have a wonderful holiday 🙏🏻💕

  3. Such a great post with valid points and questions, Karen. There was a local singer in Florida and one of his songs had the line, “the hearse don’t pull a U-haul!”
    Honestly, it’s not only true of the emotional baggage we carry in our hearts…but I’ve been thinking about all the “stuff” we leave behind!
    Thinking about emotional & possession freedom!

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