Let go……

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“To transform our lives, we need to change our stories.”

 Carl Greer


“There is an apocryphal story that in Southeast Asia, people catch monkeys by placing a banana in a box with a hole in the bottom and hang the box from a tree. The monkey reaches in and grabs the banana, but is unable to withdraw its hand. The clenched fist of the monkey that is holding the banana is too big to fit through the hole.
To escape, all the monkey has to do is release the banana. Holding on, the monkey eventually gets captured. People, too, often give up their freedom by holding on to things too long.”
Carl Greer
In my energy healing/counseling practice, I am seeing the most beautiful transformations. Why?  Because for some reason, this year in particular, people are finally ready to let go of their old stories and discover the treasure and the truth that has always been within them.
It may be a story of rejection, “I am always being rejected.”  It may be one of sickness, “I am always sick.”  or “I cannot do that.”  or “I am not strong.”  or “I have an addictive personality.” or “No one seems to understand me.”
The list goes on and on, and because we were given these stories as children, these are the only stories we know, and so this is why we do not give them up freely.
Like the monkey, we stubbornly hold on to our stories, which not only gets us into trouble, but keeps us suffering and continually sabotages our freedom and from stepping into our authentic potential.
In this moment we are complete.  We are love, peace, strength, joy, understanding, hope and infinite abundance.  There isn’t a problem, there is nothing to fix, we are not broken.  There is only the stories we are holding onto. 
So take the time and create space each day to ask, “Who am I?” “Am I the story I am telling myself?” “Is it true?” Discover what story you are holding. When you finally unveil the illusion and separate the story from the truth, you will willingly let go, and finally step into the longing of your soul’s journey.

25 thoughts on “Let go……

    1. It will add up Kristine and we love hearing about it because that is what our soul longs for. When we create these changes in ourselves, we make it possible for everyone! 👏✨

  1. Powerful insight Karen. Yes, holding on to our stories, guilty at times. I like the analogy of the monkey and the banana . . . makes it seem so ridiculous that we do such things. This makes me smile and I am going to hold onto that the next time I start clinging to my old stories.

    1. It’s crazy what we do isn’t it? It’s taken me years to see my habits and how I cling onto to the familiar, but now I freely let go, because I have felt freedom and it’s way more delicious than a banana ha!! Thanks Heather 💕💚

  2. Such a powerful and positive message. We are not broken, we don’t need to be fixed. We are perfect, whole, beautiful. The only thing separating us from infinite abundance is our imaginary stories.
    Thanks for this insightful post.

  3. Karen, great post with a valuable lesson.
    As a Catholic during Lent many often give up a food they like or social media time etc. But what is most important is to rid ourselves of those things or habits that we put before God in our lives and which often cause the downfall of many. To remove those obstructions brings us closer to Him and makes us freer to serve others instead of ourselves, thereby, making us all the better for it.

    1. I remember Lent as a child, always being asked “what will you give up?” We often gave up a food we loved, but it’s a shame we didn’t learn the true meaning of sacrifice or how we could shed our skin or the story we no longer needed. If it had been taught to us in this a deep way at school, we could have saved ourselves a lot of suffering from clinging onto the stories we held! 😉 Thank you Alan 🌈

      1. You’re welcome Karen. And your experience in youth is so true. I remember when I was in Middle School. Up to that point in time we began our day with the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag and the “Our Father.” Then one morning in 1963 the prayer was eliminated. The U.S. Supreme Court in had removed God from the school system based upon some law suit brought on a most frivolous complaint. And I will let history attest to the wisdom of that decision.

  4. Here you go again, Karen. Another thoughtful, insightful post. I too will think of the monkey when I think of my old stories and how I have to let go of them if I am to realize my personal authentic potential. Thank you …

    1. I think it helps for us to have a visual of our habits! In the end, we will wonder why we held on? In the end we will say, I had so many opportunities to let go!! Thank you again 🙏🏻✨

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